Miscellaneous Old Parts and Product-specific PC compatible items and software


miscellaneous computer hardware, software, books and accessories for specific PC compatible products and older systems

Please note: Many of the items on this web page may not work easily or properly on newer systems using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or beyond.

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

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3.5" and 5.25" Retail Floppy Disk software for IBM, Windows and DOS

Slightly Old Shareware & Public Domain Programs on 3 1/2" and 5.25" Floppy Disks for IBM Compatibles (Early 90's to mid 90's)

Very Old Shareware and Public Domain Programs on 5 1/4" and 3.5" Floppy Disk for IBM Compatibles (Mid 80's to late 80's)

All software is new unless otherwise mentioned. Users purchasing used software need to have updated virus protection to protect themselves. Purchaser accepts all responsibility to protect themselves from such risks.

AutoCAD 2000 Upgrade from AutoCAD Release 13 (used) Used genuine AutoCAD 2000 Upgrade from AutoCAD Release 13 by Autodesk. Includes main CD, Learning Assistance CD, Installation Guide, User's Guide and original box. Good condition. License is on the CD for this product. Serial number and CD key also included. Shipping included within the continental U.S. Four available. (Three are in good condition and one has a CD which is slightly scuffed.) $89 ea.

AutoCAD Release 14 Upgrade (license and manuals only) Used genuine AutoCAD 14 Upgrade from AutoCAD Release 13 version from Autodesk. Missing main CD but has printed license, Learning Assistance CD, Installation Guide, User's Guide and original box. Good condition. 1997 vintage. Shipping included within the continental U.S. Three available except one is missing the User's Guide. $59 ea.

Visible PC Case

Ideal clear plastic case for those who want to see the inner workings of their computer without taking the case off! Ideal for science fairs or teaching labs. New. Note: Photos show case with celophane protective sheets adhering to the case to protect it. Removing protective sheets makes case look nicer. Has 4 of the 5.25" bays and 2 of the 3.5" bays. Also has 3 internal fans and internal PC speaker (included). Has opening for power supply (not included). Has 2 external USB ports included as well as an external speaker and microphone jack. New condition. No motherboard, drives, ram or video card included. Only 1 available. Note: We don't guarantee compatibility with any particular motherboard, power supply, etc. Please review the photos closely before ordering. $79

Used U.S. Robotics 56k internal modems Used US Robotics internal 56k modems. Go with the best! Please specify ISA or PCI. No drivers included. $20 AS IS or $29 with 30 day guarantee. $29

56k external serial modem (3Com/US Robotics) External 56k serial port modem from 3Com/U.S. Robotics. Used. Modem only. No power supply, driver CD, cable or documentation. Requires 9.2v AC 700 ma power supply. $32

USRobotics Courier High Speed External serial modem External V.32 bis serial port modem from U.S.Robotics. Used. Includes power supply and documentation but no software. or drivers. $32

Sportster Voice 33.6 Faxmodem (U.S. Robotics) External 33.6 serial modem with power supply. Untested. No software or documentation. $27 AS IS or $35 with guarantee. $35

Boca Video Communications Suite (Boca Research) Six products in one: Digital camera, 56k modem, cast-a-vision internet broadcasting software, Data/Fax/Voice messaging center, Internet videoconferencing software and video capture software! New in retail box. Part number 9680. $79

SupraModem 2400 (Supra) External 2400 baud 25 pin serial modem with power supply. Untested. Includes documentation. Vintage modem from mid to late 1980's. Includes retail packaging. $32 AS IS or $39 with guarantee. $39

Videoemail (CyberTainment) Create and send video email to friends, family and business associates. 1 new package for $37 and 1 like new package for $29 available. Comes with PCI full motion video capture card, high resolution NTSC color CCD camera, stereo microphone, video email and video conferencing software, cables and manual.

Mouse-Wheel (Colorado Spectrum) Unique device is a steering wheel for race car and other types of games which allows you to mount almost any computer mouse from almost any brand of computer inside a holder which attaches to the shaft of the steering wheel allowing you to steer back and forth without having to roll the mouse back and forth. $32 AS IS or $39 with 30-day guarantee. Used but includes original box. No documentation included but back of box shows how the device is assembled. $39

NetGear ACC-906-007 RJ45 dongle
New replacement adapter (dongle) for Model FA410 PCMCIA Ethernet card (RJ-45) from Net Gear. Part number ACC906007. $15

Old ISA VGA video cards (used) 2 older used ISA VGA video cards. Untested. We guarantee that at least one of the two will work. These old video cards may or may not be super VGA. Requires ISA slot. sold out

Matrox Millennium 2 PCI svga card Used Matrox Millenium 2 PCI video card. Untested. 1995 vintage. No software or documentation included. $18 AS IS or $24 with guarantee. $24

Old PCI SVGA video cards (used) 2 older used PCI VGA video cards. These old PCI video cards are untested but we guarantee that at least one card of the two will work. Requires PCI slot. Video ram may vary from 512k to 2 mb of video ram. $27/pair

Used Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 video card Used PCI video card with S3 Virge chip. Appears to have 4 mb of video ram. These cards are untested but do have a 30 day guarantee. No documentation or drivers included. $24

SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer model SDV1-A New retail package containing an amazing device for viewing digital camera memory card photos on your television! Includes remote! This is one of the original versions of this product. Apparently for still photos only-- not video clips. Supports CompactFlash 1/II, Memory Stick, SD and MultiMediaCard cards. $35

old sound card grab bag Get 3 old sound cards sold AS IS for a bargain price. These are used and do not come with any drivers or instructions. Most of these are ISA cards. May be 8 bit or 16 bit. sold out

Used Vibra 16 sound card (Creative Technology) Used Vibra ISA sound card from Creative Technology. Model CT4180. No drivers included. $17

Multi I/O cards (used) Various assorted older multi IO cards for 386 and 486 computers. Many have IDE, floppy, com (serial) ports and/or printer port. call or email

steel slats for covering empty expansion card slots on PC cases If you have removed PC card(s) that you no longer need from your standard PC case and you are afraid of dust getting in you need these standard screw mountable steel slats to cover the opening(s). May be used or new. 3 slats for $1. 3 for $1

PCI Parallel Card (Vitex) New high-speed EPP/ECP PCI parallel adapter. Built-in high-speed IEEE 1284 parallel ports. Multi-mode (EPP, ECP,SPP) parallel ports. Jumperless easy to install. Plug & Play for Windows 95,98 and 2000. Supports Dos, NT4 and ME also. IRQ sharing. New retail box. $17

small used 386 motherboards Used small main board for 386 computer. Very simple. No bells and whistles. Untested. Small 9" by 7" board! Ideal for science projects, robots, etc. May not include ram or CPU. call or email

very old Hitachi SCSI CD-rom drive Very early 1989 SCSI CD rom drive. Untested. No cables or documentation included. Hitachi Model # CDR-15035. $59

used 5.25" disk box Used plastic disk case with flip up top holds approximately 50 5 1/4" disks. Good condition. call or email

new 3.5" disk box New plastic disk case with flip up top holds approximately 40 3.5" disks. call or email

Diamond Homefree Phoneline home network system

Incredible Price!

review #1

review #2
For those of you who want to easily network 2 or more of your home or office computers without running a lot of wires through the walls and ceilings this is a great product. The Homefree Phoneline network cards allow you to use your existing telephone jacks and wiring to connect your computers together! But why pay the full $69.95 suggested retail price when you can save so much money by purhcasing this same product from us! Does not interfere with normal telephone use! Installation and performance have been reviewed as being user friendly and effective. Allows multi-player gaming and internet sharing between computers! Share printers and files also! These cards have an RJ11 (telephone line connection) which runs at 1 MBit and an RJ45 (Standard Ethernet connection) which runs at 10 Mbps. We picked these up BULK PACKAGED (without retail boxes or manuals) but they are NEW and come with drivers. These PCI cards can also be used as conventional standard ethernet cards. Windows 95, 98 and XP compatible. Read two excellent reviews of this product by clicking the following: review #1 and review #2. $12 ea.

@Home Network usb 10/100 Ethernet Adapter Used @ HomeNetwork 10/100 ethernet adapter with driver. No cables included. Untested. Driver included on 3.5" disk. $17

AnyPoint Home Network (Intel) 4 Used Intel AnyPoint home network (phoneline model) cards with driver CD and manuals. $44

FM radio card for DOS New bulk packaged FM radio card. Includes DOS driver. $27 ea.

power supply for Emachine and HP computers 145 watt Micro ATX power supply for Hewlett-Packard and Emachine computers. This power supply measures 5" x 4" x 2.5" and is compatible with most of the Hewlett Packard and Emachine computers in the 400 mhz to 800 mhz range. Please check the wattage of the power supply you are replacing to make sure it is equal to (or lower than) 145 watts before ordering this one. If your HP minitower computer or Emachine won't power up this is probably the answer! $44

IntelliMover BE Migration software (Detto Technologies)
Easily transfer files, data and settings from your old computer to your new computer using this software. 5 migration licenses included! Use USB, Parallel or Network transfer method. Please click here for more information. Limited quantity available! Only $27 ea. for 2 or more! $32

used 128 mb PC100 SD ram Used 128 mb SD-ram. PC-100 type. Guaranteed. $19

8 mb 72 pin EDO memory (used) Used 72 pin 8 mb EDO memory. 30 day guarantee. Sold in pairs only. $22 per pair

30 pin simms (grab bag) You get 6 used 30 pin simm memory chips (grab bag) for old computers. Most of these simms are 1 mb, but some may be 4 mb or 256k. No returns or refunds on this item. Most of these should work if paired up properly and installed properly, but we cannot guarantee or exchange these at this low price. $22

72 pin simms (grab bag) You get 6 used 72 pin simm memory chips (grab bag) for old computers. Most of these simms are 4 and 8 mb, but some may be 2 mb or 16 mb. May include fastpage or EDO ram. No returns or refunds on this item. Most of these should work if paired up properly and installed properly, but we cannot guarantee or exchange these at this low price. $22

Dazzle Memory Stick Reader/Writer with OnDVD software New USB digital media reader and writer for memory stick. For use with digital cameras, MP3 Players and PDAs. For Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP and Mac with G3 processor or better. The OnDVD software is for Windows operating systems only. $19

Dazzle SmartMedia Reader with OnDVD software
New USB universal digital media reader for SmartMedia. High speed transfer for use with digital cameras, MP3 Players and PDAs. For Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP and Mac with G3 processor or better. The OnDVD software is for Windows operating systems only. $29

other used color RGB monitor For older CGA output (9 pin) computers. 30 day guarantee. These old RGB monitors are what was prevalent during the mid to late 1980's. see Commodore and Amiga list

Used universal tilt & swivel base for monitor Used tilt and swivel base. This monitor stand fits virtually all monitors up to 15" as long as they have a flat bottom. $17

Used Multisync monitors Nice used/tested Multi-sync VGA color monitors. Have 9 pin connector. Requires adapter listed below to connect to a VGA video card. call or email for information

9 to 15 pin VGA adapter for Multisync monitors 15 pin male to 9 pin female adapter for using a Multisync monitor with a VGA computer. sold out

monochrome VGA monitor Commodore 1403 monochrome VGA monitor. Nice condition. For early VGA computer systems. (This monitor is from the late 1980's or early 1990's.) sold

Used monochrome (non-color) TTL monitors Used TTL monitor for older computers having a 9 pin (2 row) TTL monochrome video output. These older monitors have been tested and have a 30 day guarantee. The cable on these monitors fits the 9 pin input even though the connector on the cables often didn't actually have a few (unnecessary) pins present when originally manufactured. Green and amber usually available. These old computer monitors were common from about 1980 to about 1987. Usually 12" screen size. call or email for price and availability

cable wiring diagram for hard-to-find cable for Magnavox PC 80 monochrome TTL monitors made by NAP Diagram showing how to wire a 9 pin "D" male connector to a 6 pin DIN male connector for making a cable compatible with certain old NAP (North American Philips) manufactured monochrome TTL monitors such as the green and amber Magnavox PC80 monitors (such as model 7BM62) and some other NAP manufactured TTL monitors. We also know of one of these NAP manufactured TTL monitors which had the Commodore name on it. Diagram is only for certain TTL monitors made by NAP and is not compatible with other TTL monitors which were not made by NAP. Diagram is only available for fax or postal delivery. If you order this item please make sure to provide your fax number if you want it faxed and specify that you want faxed delivery otherwise we will mail it to you. We will not email this diagram. Please don't even ask for us to email it to you!!! We know that this diagram is correct because we have used it to make our own cables for these monitors. However, we cannot assume any responsibility for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of this diagram or any misinterpretations of it or any inaccuracies. We do not have any of these cables pre-made and (other than faxing this wiring diagram) do not offer technical support for people making their own cables. We also don't construct these cables here-- PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR AN EXCEPTION. If you are not skilled at wiring and soldering small electronics parts accurately we recommend getting someone to help you. No refunds once we send or fax this information to you. The $20 is a service charge for our time to fax or mail this information to you and our time is not refundable. Also, we add $8 for shipping or faxing to all orders which total less than $45. This $8 shipping or faxing fee is not refundable either. If your total order equals $45 or more you will not have to pay the $8 shipping and handling charge within the continental United States. Also, keep in mind that we have surplus cables which you may want to order in conjunction with this diagram. Please go to our Commodore page or our cable page. The cables which will help you are the 9 pin "D" male to 9 pin "D" female cable which can have the male end spliced to a 6 pin DIN male Commodore serial drive/printer cable. If you have a NAP made Magnavox, NAP or Commodore TTL green or amber monitor don't assume that it works! Most of these old TTL monitors are 20 to 30 years old and a fairly significant percentage do not work properly-- if at all. The TTL monitors which we sell have all been tested recently but others found elsewhere may have a significant defective rate. We can't refund the price of this cable wiring diagram if your monitor turns out to be defective. By ordering this diagram you agree to the terms outlined here. If you don't agree to these terms please don't order this diagram. not available anymore

Used monochrome (non-color) composite monitors Used composite (single RCA jack video input). Tested with 30 day guarantee. Green and amber often available. These old computer monitors were common from about 1980 to about 1987. Usually 12" screen size but may have smaller size units also. Guaranteed to work but may have minor imperfections. $99

used Panasonic 4450 laser printer Sitting on shelf for years. Worked last time it was tested. Available for local pick up in Salt Lake City, Utah area only. call or email

old printers Various used old dot matrix printers and old printer ribbons available. Click here for information.

used Iomega zip 100 external parallel port drive Used Zip 100 external parallel port drive. Includes power supply, cable and drivers for Windows 95. 30 day guarantee. Price includes shipping! $59

used Iomega zip 250 external parallel port drive Used Zip 250 external parallel port drive. Includes power supply and cable. No drivers included. Drivers should be availabile at Iomega's website. 30 day guarantee. Price includes shipping! $79

used Iomega zip 100 SCSI drive Used untested external SCSI Zip 100 drive. $25 AS IS without cable or power supply. Add $15 for cable and $17 for power supply. Add $8 for 30 day guarantee if desired. No drivers included. Shipping included if order totals $38 or more.

used Iomega Zip 100 disks Used Zip disks. Guaranteed. Approximately 100 available. May have already been formatted or may have Zip driver or other non-confidential data requiring formatting. $3 ea.

DrumX PC Interactive Drum Kit (Kit for Kids) Used PC interactive drum kit. Comes with drum pad and drum sticks, cable, CD and documentation. Untested but guaranteed for 30 days. For Windows 95 and 98. $32

Polaroid Colorshot USB Photo Printer New Polaroid Colorshot Digital USB Photo Printer. Uses Polaroid Spectra Film (see below). Comes with drivers, cables, 1 package of film and MGI PhotoSuite version 8.0. The new film included with this printer may be several months past its normal expiration date but should work fine anyway. In plain white box from master carton. call or email for price and availability

Toshiba DVD drive 1st generation Toshiba DVD drives. New. Bulk packed. Does not include drivers or decoder card. $39

Western Digital 2850 Caviar hard drive (used) Used Western Digital Caviar 2850 hard drive. 850 mb capacity. IDE 3.5" size. Ideal for those needing small hard drives. Tested & guaranteed price $19. AS IS price $12. $19

Seagate ST321552 SCSI hard drive (used) Used 2.15 GB Seagate SCSI hard drive. 5400 RPM. AS IS price $27. 30 day guaranteed price $36. $36

Quantum Bigfoot Hard Drive 1280AT Used 5.25" 1.2 GB IDE hard drive from Quantum. Part number BF12A011. Appears to be configurable to 2.5 GB also. Jumper settings printed on drive. No documentation. Untested. $36 with guarantee or $29 AS IS. $36

40 mb PCMCIA hard drive (IBM Options) New IBM options PCMCIA 40 mb hard drive for notebook computers. Complete in original packaging. IBM part number 70G8495 $44

Intel Pro/DSL 2100 modem Internal DSL modem in original box. Appears to be new. 30 day guarantee. $27

ARESCOM NetDSL 800 series external modem (used) This used modem has the MSN logo on it and includes power supply, cables and DSL filter. May require specific MSN DSL service. 30 day guarantee. $27

Motorola 28.8 External Modem Modemsurfer modem. New. Works on Macintosh or PC. Has the @World logo on it. $27

old modems and used modems Various older new and used modems for old computers available. call or email

IBM ViaVoice online Companion Requires IBM ViaVoice 98 Home, Office or Executive. Allows you to chat, email & navigate via dictation into your microphone. New retail box. $19

Reveal VM100 voice mail & speakerphone device for older computers

Put your old Windows 3.1 computer to good use as a voicemail device using this product. These new unopened packages sold at Montgomery Ward for $55. Connects to serial port of 386. Allows greetings and 9 different password protected mailboxes. Remote access feature! Microphone included. Doubles as a speakerphone. Requires Windows 3.1. $37

33.6 PCMCIA modem Credit card size Winperformer v.34 Data/Fax 33.6 modem, cable, manual, software. New. Bulk packed. Made by Apex Data Inc. $42

14.4 PCMCIA modem Credit card size Megahertz modem, cable, software. New $22

Belkin PCMCIA Busport Mobile USB card (used) Used Belkin USB Busport Mobile card. Part number F5U022. Note: This card is missing its cable! We are selling it without the cable. Buyer must already have the cable for this item in order to use it. 30 Day guarantee. $22

dongle cable for 3Com Etherlink 3 Cable for 3 Com Etherlink 3 pcmcia card. Part number 3C-PC-TP-CBL $14

D-Link DSS-5+ 10/100M Fast Ethernet Switch II Used switchbox. Requires 12V DC 1.2 amp power supply (not included). No instructions included. Untested. 30 day guarantee. $24

Touche' PS/2 Touch Pad New Touche' brand touch pad for desktop and notebooks computers. Requires ps/2 port. Drivers not included. Drivers may be available online. Bulk packaged. No retail box. $19 please email for availability

Used Commodore PC XT keyboard Used keyboard for Commodore PC XT style computer. $29

Hypercharger & battery conditioner AC adapter for IBM ThinkPad 701 series model C305. Converts 120VAC 50/60Hz to 18VDC at 1.3A. New (bulk packaged). $32

Timework's WordWriter PC, Swiftcalc PC, DataManager PC, or Publish-it Lite
(Great for OLD or NEW PCs in DOS mode! All have 5.25" disks. Some packages include 3.5" disks also.) Great Wordprocessing, spreadsheet, data management and publishing software for old DOS computers. Please click for more information about these programs.

The Amazing Writing Machine (Broderbund) 1995 era CD in original jewel case. Like new. Inspire kids to write and Illustrate their own books, journals, poems, letters, stories and more. call or email

Calendar Creator Deluxe version 6 (Broderbund) CD in original unopened jewel case. For Windows 95, 98 and NT. $27

Music Maker Deluxe version 3.0 (Magix) Click your own video hit! 2 CD roms in new retail package. Realtime music and video. 1997 vintage for Windows 95 and NT. $27

Canon ImageClass D661 driver disk Driver disk for Canon D661 and D600 series multifunction printers for use on Windows 98 and XP. call or email for price and availability

Print Shop Deluxe (Broderbund) Used PrintShop Deluxe CD with documentation for Windows. Good condition. $27

Print Artist 4.0 (Sierra) Used PrintArtist 4 CD for Windows. Good condition. No documentation included. $27

4000 Image Fonts (CompuWorks) Used CD with documentation and license. $27

Kurzweil VoicePlus (Alpha Software) New retail package of Voice Plus. 1997 vintage. Voice activate your PC Applications! Free headset included. For Windows 95 & 3.1 $27

PageKeeper Standard ( Caere) Document management software for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. Used CD without documentation. Also includes CP limited edition OCR software. $27

Compaq Presario 5461/5451 QuickRestore CD Original restore CD for Compaq Presario 5461 and 5451. No documentation included. Used but good condition. CD only in jewel case. $27

BSD Power Pak (BSDi) Unix based Operating System 4.0. Includes FreeBSD OS 4.0, FreeBSD Tool Kit and The Complete FreeBSD 800 page book! Like new condition. 10 total CD rom disks! $49

FileMaker Pro 5 (FileMaker) New retail package. 2000 vintage. For Windows 98 and NT. Manage your data from desktop to Web. $37

Landscape 3D Design (Expert) New retail package. CD for Windows 95 and 3.1. $27

Planix Home Suite (Autodesk) Used retail package. Comes with Planix 3D Deluxe Home Designer, Planix Deck 3D and Planix Landscape. 3 used CDs for Windows 95 and 3.1. Good condition. Documentation included. ( Note: Originally came with Home Project Estimator and Most Popular Home Designs which appear to be missing from this package.) $37

PC Dos 7 (IBM) Used CD (Upgrade) version in original box with license and manual. $27

Announcements version 5.0 (Parsons) Used CD version in jewel case with version 4.0 manual. For Windows 3.1 and 95. Also works on Macintosh and Power Macintosh. Good condition. $22

Greeting Card Magic (Swift Jewel) Used CD in jewel case. Create and print greeting cards and more. For Windows 95 or higher. $12

Quotationary (Novasoft) CD in new retail package for Windows 95 and newer. Also works on Macintosh. Over 32,000 classic quotes right at your fingertips. $29

MasterCook Suite version 5.0 (Sierra Home) Used Betty Crocker recipe CDs in original box with documentation for Windows 95 and 98. Box is noticeably damaged but CDs and manual are in mint condition. $22

LandDesigner 3D version 4.5 (Sierra Home) Used CD in mint condition with documentation. For Windows 95. Original box included. $19

Map 'n' Go (Delorme) Map'n'Go allows you to plan the perfect vacation! Used CD in good condition. Documentation included. $17

MediaPaint (Strata) Used original package with license. Main program is apparently on 3.5" disks. 2 CDs with extras included. Has documentation and license. $27

3D Movie Maker (Microsoft) Like new CD in jewel case. Turn your ideas into awesome 3D movies! No printed documentation. $12

PC Video Ed/It (Sima) Used VCR/Camcorder video editing software system. Includes 3.5" software, interface cable and manual. Requires Sony camcorder or other with control-L (LANC). For 386 or higher with Windows 3.1 or higher. Model SES-L $22

Sing-Along Christmas (Sirius) Sing-Along Christmas is a Karaoke CD for your computer. New retail package. Designed for Windows 3.1 systems with Sound Blaster Pro or equivalent sound card and SVGA display. Includes 11 favorite Christmas songs and full run-time version of PC Karaoke. $19

The Adventures of Pinocchio (IBM) The moviegame based on the hit film featuring Jonathan Taylor and Martin Landau. 4 CD set for Windows 3.1 and 95 in new retail box. Ages 5 and up. $19

The Adventures of Pinocchio Activity Center (IBM) Magical Mazes, Playful Puzzles, Surprising Searches. Gobs and Gobs of fun. Windows 3.1, 95 and Mac CD in new retail box. Ages 5 and up. $19

Curious George Teaches Phonics (Demo) Very nice demo version of Curious George Teaches Phonetics. Although this is just a sampler version it is very useful although not as comprehensive as the normal version. CD rom for Windows. $10

Multimedia Exotic Pets (Inroads Interactive) New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1 or higher and Mac. Information about horses, birds, aquatics, reptiles and pocket pets. $22

Multimedia Dogs (Inroads Interactive) Like-New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1 or higher and Mac. The complete interactive guide to dogs. Like new. Has documentation. $17

Multimedia Bugs (Inroads Interactive) Like-New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1 or higher and Mac. The complete interactive guide to insects. $17

Explorers of the New World (SoftKey) Like-New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1 and 95. Also works on Macintosh. $17

Generations Easy Family Tree (Sierra) Like-New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1, 95 or 98. Preserve your unique family history! Installation instructions included. $42

VersaCheck 2001: Personal Express Edition (G7 Productivity Systems) New CD in jewel case. Create, Print and Send your Checks! For Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT 4.0 Workstation. $42

The Airport: Junior Field Trips (Homongous Entertainment & Random House) New CD in unopened jewel case. Jewel case may have slight damage. $42

The Airport: Junior Field Trips (Homongous Entertainment & Random House) New CD in unopened jewel case. Jewel case may have slight damage. $42

Sim Park

Create your own living park filled with wildlife, plants and people! New. Full retail box. CD for Windows 3.1 or 95. Ideal kids software for ages 8+. Fun children's software but also fun for grownups. call or email

Trivia Wurx 1 for DOS (CD Odyssey) Includes: Grammy/MTV Video Awards, All About the Oscars, Stating the Facts (U.S. State Trivia), and Presidential Primer. Dos CD in new retail box. Dos 3.3 or above and VGA required. $42

Sports Wurx for DOS (CD Odyssey) Sports action for the Sports Fan! Dos CD includes: 1995 Pro Football Guide, College Football Guru (track and rate teams), Sports Pool Manager (organize and track fantasy baseball, basketball and football), and 3D Minigolf. Full registered version in new retail box. Requires Dos 3.3 or above and VGA. $42

MindWurx 1 for Dos (CD Odyssey) Challenging Games for the Brain! Includes 4 games requiring logic and mental agility: Brix 2 Deluxe, Logical Deduction, Bars, and Speculator. Dos CD in new retail box. Requires Dos CD programs for Dos 3.3 or above and VGA. $42

PuzzleWurx for DOS (CD Odyssey) Dos CD in new retail box. Includes: PC Jigsaw, Jigsaw Puzzle, Brainstorm Pro and Cross Clue (crossword-like trivia game). Requires Dos 3.3 or above and VGA. $42

Other Dos CDs by CD Odyssey Other new retail boxed CD programs for MS DOS 3.3 or above: Game Wurx 2, Game Wurx 5, Home Wurx 3, Money Matters and Make'n Life Easy. All require Dos 3.3 or above and VGA. Please specify which one you want. $42 ea.

Back to Back (Kasco) Othello-like game for Windows 3.1 or 95. New CD in jewel case. $44

V for Victory: Market Garden Arnhem-1944 (Three-Sixty) Used retail package. Has single 3.5" disk along with documentation. Disk indicates disk #1. We are not sure if this package should contain more than one disk or not. $44

Commanche (Nova Logic) Used Dos CD helicoptor game with manual. $44

Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star (SSI) New Dos CD in original unopened flat pack. $44

ATF Advanced Tactical Fighters (Jane's) Used Dos CD with manual. $44

Flash Traffic City of Angels (Time Warner Interactive) Used 3 CD Dos game with manual. $44

All-American College Football (IBM & Micro Sports) Used Dos CD with manual. $44

Norton Utilities for Windows 95 (Symantic) New retail package with CD. Unrivaled problem-solving power. Unrivaled control of your computer. $39

Norton Utilities 3.0 Used. CD in jewel case. Unrivaled problem-solving power. Unrivaled control of your computer. $42

Norton Uninstall Deluxe version 1.0 (Symantec) Old version of Norton uninstall. CD in unopened jewel case. $42

Norton Antivirus 4.0 scanner (Symantec) Unopened old 1997 version of Norton Antivirus Scanner on CD. $44

PC Anywhere 32 version 8.0 (Symantec) pcAnywhere 32 version 8.0 (Remote Version for One Remote user) in retail box for Windows NT, Windows 95. Also includes pcAnywhere for Windows 3.1 and Dos! Also includes free copy of White Pine's CU-SeeME Internet and Intranet Video Chat Software! The outter package on this item has been opened but the inner jewel cases are still in their original unopened shrinkwrap. 1997 version. $69

Norton Navigator for Windows 95 (Symantec) New retail package with CD. Enhanced file management and desktop navigation. $42

Cyber Patrol (Learning Company) CyberPatrol is an older program for protecting your children from objectional web sites. Block inappropriate web sites and email. New CD in unopened jewel case for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh. Older version. $27

SuSE Linux personal 8.2 Used SuSE Linux Personal 8.2. The concise Linux with numerous desktop progams, office, e-mail and internet. Has CDs and manual. $44

Red Hat Linux Red Hat 5.1 (Manhattan) Intel. CD only. $44

Geoworks Desktop Manager Used 5.25" version with manual. Originally came with old Dos-based Leading Edge computers. sold

PFS First Publisher version 3.0 for Dos New CD. The fast easy way to creat top quality newsletters, flyers, reports and more. Dos. $32

Quicken version 6 Starter Edition Previously owned 1997 CD version. CD in sleeve only for Windows 3.1 and 95. Includes installation instructions and CD. No user manual. Good condition. $36

Quicken Basic 99 Previously owned Quicken 1999 Basic CD version. Includes original box and documentation. Fair condition. For Windows 95, 98 and NT. $39

Quicken Basic 2004 (Intuit) Previously owned 2004 Quicken Basic. CD in sleeve only. Includes installation instructions. Appears to be unused. $37

QuickBooks version 6.0 (Intuit) Used 1998 version of QuickBooks. Version 6.0. CD in sleeve only. No documentation. License is on CD. Install key code and registration number included. May be sold already. $99

Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition III (Broderbund) Used 7 CD set in original retail box with instruction manuals. Some CDs may be slightly scratched but are guaranteed to work. $44

3D Home Architect Deluxe (Broderbund) Used CD in good condition. Manuals and original box included. For Windows 3.1 or 95. sold

Family Tree Maker versioin 5.0 (Broderbund) Used CDs only. Includes Installation Program and FamilyFinder Index A-K and L-Z. $14

Williams-Sonoma Good Cooking (Broderbund) Like-New CD in original retail box with documentation. For Windows 95 and Power Macintosh. 1,000 popular and proven recipes with printing, shopping list and menu making features. $39

First Aid 98 Deluxe for Windows 95 (Cybermedia) FirstAid 98 Deluxe for Windows 95 fixes Windows problems automatically! Includes powerful Anti-virus protection and removal. CD in new retail box for Windows 95. $42

Professor Windows Multimedia Interactive CD tutorial for Windows 3.1 and 3.11

Rare vintage (former bestseller) tutorial for learning Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Includes entire Windows 3.11 for Dummies book on CD as an added bonus! Published by Individual Software Inc. Full retail box. Not for newer computers. For old retro Windows 3.1 or 3.11 computers only. Note: Offer on front of package for Windows 95 upgrade is no longer valid. $22

Clinton: Portrait of Victory. 1993 DOS & Mac CD. Pre-scandal collector's item! $29

LaserControl (Powerful 5 1/4" Laser Printer control program for older computers with DOS 2.0 or above.) Supports HP LaserJet, LaserJet Plus, LaserJet 500 Plus, LaserJet Series II, DeskJet and all compatibles. (was $50) Now $39

Term Paper Writer (originally $49.95) (51/4") Now $39

Practiword Word Processor (originally $99) (5 1/4") Now $39

Complete Personal Computer Manager (Design Software) (5.25) Now $39

blank disks New 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks

DSDD 5.25" floppy drive (used) Used 5 1/4" floppy disk drive. DSDD 360k capacity. Ideal for very old PCs. Tested $44

high density 5.25" floppy drive (used) Used 5 1/4" floppy disk drive (used). High density 1.2 mb capacity. Tested. $39

Floppy drive cable Used floppy drive cable. Has twist for A drive. A drive conenctors for 3.5" or 5.25" drives. Also has an additional connector for an optional B drive having 3.5" style connector. Connects to most newer boards and to older multi-I.O. cards. call or email

ISA sound cards New ISA sound cards usually available. call or email

Smart Array 3100ES Controller software bundle (Compaq) Includes: SmartStart and Support Software CD release 4.60, Storage and Options Documentation Library CD release 3.1, License, Smart Array 3100ES Controller User Guide, Smart Array 3100ES Controller Quick Hardware Installation guide and registration card. $79

25 pin serial port output cable. New. 25 pin serial port output. Connects to most newer mother boards or to older multi-I.O. cards and then screw is used to fasten it in place in the same way that your slot-mounted cards are secured. $29 ea.

Dual IDE cable New dual IDE hard drive and/or CD drive cable. This cable is 17" long with connectors for 2 IDE drives just 3" apart. $29

Dual IDE cable (extra long) New dual IDE hard drive and/or CD drive cable. This cable is about 3 ft. long with connectors for 2 IDE drives spaced well apart. Ideal for full size tower configurations and other situations requiring significant distance between IDE devices. $32

Magnavox to RGB monitor cable. New.

New 9 pin "D" shaped male RGB (CGA/EGA) to 8 pin DIN male. Connects old CGA/EGA computers to Magnavox and/or some Commodore RGB monitors. $44

Unusual 28 pin VGA video or monitor cable
Please click on the rotating camera to see a photo of this unusual cable. We think it is for a certain brand of monitor or other video device because it has a standard VGA connector on one end but the other end has a slightly longer connection with 28 total pins. The pin configuration of the longer connector has 3 rows of 8 pins (24 pins) in one grid and then 4 shorter pins surrounding a little tab which juts out. This cable is used but guaranteed to work with whatever monitor or other device it was intended for. Only 1 available. $97

new parallel printer cable Standard 6' printer cable. $22

used parallel printer cable Used standard 6' printer cable. $17

new bidirectional parallel printer cable New bidirectional parallel printer cable. Bidirectional printer cables are recommended for many of the newer printers. $29

PS/2 to AT keyboard Adapter Small adapter allows you to use an AT keyboard with a large connector on a PS-2 computer having a slightly smaller connector. $19

10' VGA cable High quality 15 pin male to 15 pin female VGA extension cable. New. $29

6' Joystick Extension cord for PC New 6 ft. joystick extension cord for early IBM compatible systems. Retail packaged. Email for details. $32

USB Joystick adapter cable New Belkin DB15F connector to USB. Allows you to connect an old style 15-pin joystick to a USB port on a newer computer. This adapter probably requires special drivers (not included) to work properly or may only work with certain joysticks such as the Microsoft Sidewinder. $19

Game Card for old XT and 286 computers So you've got a real old 8088 or 80286 computer with no joystick port. The solution for you if you have an open ISA slot is one of these new game port cards. This card is so old that it won't double as a sound card or MIDI interface. $14

Male 9 pin "D" to Female 9 pin "D" serial cable

3' cable with 9 pin "D" male to 9 pin "D" female. Can be used for RGB output from Commodore 128 or old IBM PCs (having a CGA card) to connect to RGB inputs of Commodore brand and other brands of monitors having a 9 pin "D" male input. Can also be used for connecting 9 pin IBM AT type serial comm port to different devices. Can also be used as a short joystick extension cable for Commodore-- although it doesn't fit tremendously well on the Commodore game port. $32 ea.

power cord (standard) Standard power cord. Fits most standard computers and many other devices. New. $7 ea. or 3 for $18

power cord (heavy duty
Fits most standard computers and many other devices. Same as above but heavier. New. $8 ea. or 3 for $22

power cord (flat and
Fits most standard computers and many other devices. Similar to above power cords except instead of the cable being round it is flatter and ribbed. $7.50 ea. or 3 for $20

Talk Free (CD) Older CD allows internet users to talk long distance for free! $27

Canon Creative Home (Canon) Canon Creative version 4.22h with printer setup drivers for BJC-1000 and BJC-2000 for Windows 3.x, 95, 98 and NT 4. Canon Creative Home is for Windows 95 and 98 only. Used. Documentation included. $34

SyncMaster 3N monitor by Samsung Used Samsung SyncMaster 3N monitor. Model number CSJ4927A. Call or email for details. call

old McAfee VirusScan antivirus software for Dos and Windows Antivirus software from McAfee for scanning viruses on Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, NT Workstation, MS Dos and OS/2. New CD in unopened retail box. 1999 vintage. $17

old McAfee VirusScan Security Suite This is the entire security suite for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and Windows NT. 1997 vintage. New CD in unopened retail box. Includes VirusScan, PC Medic 97, SecureCast, QuickBackup, WebScanX, PCCrypto, PCFirewall and more! $27

McAfee VirusScan 5.0 Used retail CD with manual, license and original box. For Windows 95, 98, NT Workstation 3.51 & 4, OS/2 and Dos. Also includes 3.5" emergency boot disk. Good condition. $17

McAfee VirusScan 5.1 Used retail CD with manual, license and original box. For Windows 95, 98, NT Workstation 4, ME and 2000. Also includes 3.5" emergency boot disk. Good condition. $17

McAfee VirusScan 6.0 Used retail CD with manual and license. 2002 version. $17

McAfee QuickClean 2.0 Used retail CD with manual and license. 2002 version. Clean out Internet clutter. Remove junk files. Improve your system performance. $17

McAfee NetShield for Netware (1 user version) CD version. Full unopened retail box. V2.3.0 $22

Netscape Communicator version 4 Used 1997 Netscape Communicator. Excellent condition. Includes CD for Windows 95, 3.1, NT 4 and Mac. Also includes license, manuals and quick reference card. $19

Math of Money (Pro One's For Credit Series) Learn how to do all of the following essential and practical math skills: balance a checkbook, reconcile a bank statement, compute discounts and percentages, calculate commissions and earnings, file a tax return, keep business records, invest in stocks and evaluate life insurance coverage. New retail box. $17

Pre Algebra (Pro One) Multimedia Pre-Algebra for Windows. 1995 vintage. New CD in jewel case. $12

Algebra II (Pro One) Multimedia Algebra 2 for Windows. 1995 vintage. New CD in jewel case. $12

Trigonometry (Pro One) Multimedia Trigonometry for Windows. 1995 vintage. New CD in jewel case. $12

PrintMaster Gold 4.0 (Mindscape) Used 5 CD set in original folder. Fair condition overall. A couple of the CDs are slightly scratched. Getting started instructions included. For Windows 95, 98 or NT. $27

PrintMaster Deluxe 7.0 Used CD in original jewel case with license. Nice condition. For Windows 3.1 or 95. (1997 vintage). $17

Ribbons for old Dot Matrix Printers Large selection of ribbons and cartridges for old dot matrix printers. Many are listed under Commodore ribbon section. call or email

Liquidation Speakers Very nice sounding pair of Philips Magnavox speakers model 3860. The only drawback of these speakers is that they need 4 AA batteries or a 6 volt DC power supply (not included). $9

Microsoft Works version 6.0 for Windows 95, 98 or 2000 Opened retail package has 5 CDs in factory sleeves which appear to have never been opened. Also includes user's manual. Some of the pages of the manual are somewhat folded over but in good condition. Back upper corner of box is slightly smudged. $37

Microsoft Backoffice version 2.5 Integrated Family of Server Software. Used 4 CD set from the year 1996. Appears to be retail version but no box or printed license is included. Thin manual inside of jewel case is the only included documentation. Jewel case has product key code on the back. Purchaser must fax or mail evidence that they already have a license for this product before ordering. $49

Windows NT Network Administration Training (Microsoft) New retail box with 2 CD disks. Preparation for Microsoft Certified Professional Exams. Hands-On self-paced training for administering version 4.0. Includes free 120-day trial version of Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. $37

Getting Results with Microsoft Office 95 (Microsoft) Used book. Nearly 600 pages of useful information Covers Word 95, Excel 95, PowerPoint 95, Access 95 and more! Nice condition overall but back cover is slightly wrinkled. $17

Mastering WordPerfect 6 for Windows Special Edition (Sybex) Used book. Nearly 1200 pages of useful information. Ideal for learning WordPerfect 6 for Windows. Nice condition. $17

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 for Dummies (IDG Books) An ideal book for users of Corel WordPerfect 8. Like new condition. $14

WordPerfect Family Pack 2 (Corel) Used 7 CD package containing WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9 National Geographic Trip Planner, Compton's Encyclopedia 2000 Standard and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing version 10. Includes user's guide. Good condition except CD #7 (Trip Planner Street CD) is slightly scuffed. CD #2 (Corel Print House) is missing and not included. $37

Dos for Dummies 2nd Edition (IDG) An ideal book for users of MS Dos. Covers through Dos 6.22. Used. Good condition. $19

TDA Mini-Manual for WordPerfect for Windows Very small little spiral bound book for early version of WordPerfect. Used. Includes Windows Primer. 187 pages plus index. Amazingly comprehensive for its extremely compact size! 1991 vintage. $17

The Elementary PC (Book) If you have an older IBM PC and want to learn Elementary BASIC programming then this is the book for you! Fun and humorous approach to BASIC. $5

MS-Dos 3.2 User's Guide (Commodore) Used MS-Dos 3.2 User's Guide. Accompanied IBM compatible Commodore PC models. $12

GW-BASIC Interpreter User's Guide (Commodore) Used GW Basic User's Guide. Accompanied IBM-compatible Commodore PC models. $12

The Microprocessor Handbook (Sams) Used book in good condition. Written by Elmer C. Poe. $14

Upgrading and Repairing PCs Eighth Edition (QUE) Like-new book in good condition. Includes CD which has never been opened! $24

Computer Language Reference Guide: Second Edition (Sams) Used book in good condition. Written by Harry L. Helms. $14

From Chips to Systems: An Introduction to Microprocessors (Sybex) Used book in good condition by Rodnay Zaks. $14

Old Magazine Grab Bag 6 issues of nostalgic old magazines for early PCs. Mostly Compute! magazine. These magazines are used but in good condition. $24

Hard Drive Bible 8th Edition (Corporate Systems Center) Includes Comprehensive detailed information about old hard drive specifications, jumpers, controller cards, parameters, settings and manufacturers. This version is about a 1997 or 1998 version. New in retail box. Also includes CD-rom edition of the Hard Drive Bible and a video tape entitled "Inside Disk Drives". New. $29 ea.

Computer Literacy (Addison-Wesley) Used 1986 school textbook. Very well done. Very interesting topics many of which are still relevant today! Good for historical overview and perspective of computing issues of the infancy years of computers. Good condition. Appears to be geared for junior high or high school level. $25

Memorex 6-outlet surge suppressor (Wall Mount) 6 outlet surge suppressing wall mount power tap. EMI/RFI filtering reduces static. Full surge suppression. Indicator lights for surge and ground. No on/off switch. Memorex part number 3202-2768. New in retail box. $7

Tandy 1000 Personal Computer HX Used Tandy 1000 HX Personal Computer. Works good except for floppy drive. Floppy drive responds but won't read or write. Has 9 pin CGA output requiring a compatible RGB monitor. Case screws and floppy mounting screws missing. Sold AS DESCRIBED. sold

Magnavox M31501 PC/XT computer
(A piece of history)
How about this! An XT computer that is brand new still. The operating system disks and manuals have been removed, but these are new XT 8088 computers with keyboards. Never used. These units are still in their factory boxes and didn't even come with hard drives-- although hard drives could be installed with old fashioned ISA controller cards. These "new" units are so old that they only had a single 360k 5.25" floppy drive installed and required an RGB (9 pin connector) color monitor or TTL (9 pin connector) monochrome monitor! $239

IBM PC Jr. system Used IBM PC Jr. system. call

Mouse Pen (Golden Image) Rare late 1980's or early 1990's vintage serial port mouse pen with DB9 connector. Works like a mouse but handles like a pen! Includes 3.5" driver disk (probably for Dos). Model number JP-300N. New retail package! $32

Web.Remote Professional Wireless Intelligent Trackball model SV-2020 (by InterAct Multimedia Products - a division of Recoton)


Own a wireless trackball instead of a wireless mouse! Web Remote Professional (model SV2020) uses an infrared transmitter with 15 foot range. GREAT for multimedia presentations and web surfing. Requires an unoccupied serial port. Ideal for remote handheld or desktop use. Has mouse buttons on top and on bottom. 18 fully programmable buttons lets you record and store macros & Windows commands for your favorite programs! Easy to use Windows program lets you store, record and edit an unlimited number of your most-used Windows commands. Includes IR receiver, installation software, and older versions of Internet Explorer (version 3.0) and Net Meeting (1.0). Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Works on Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98. Compatible with all Windows programs and games! New, in original retail boxes. (These first came out in 1997). Original retail price was $79.99. Read an online review of this fantastic product. $27

Packard Bell infrared serial port remote Unique wireless infrared remote device from Packard Bell has receiver which connects to serial port. Remote control unit has numbers and many other buttons on it and a direction pad which appears to be able to mimic mouse input. Has an apparent part number BPCS# 146541 hidden under the battery cover. Uses 2 AA cells for power. (Batteries not included). Comes with driver disk. Like-new condition. We recommend these only to individuals who are well experienced with installing Windows 95 or Windows 98 compatible hardware and software because installation of this device appears to modify the registry and/or other system drivers in a manner which may be difficult for a novice to reverse if necessary. Despite these possible drawbacks this looks like an interesting device with some interesting possibilities for the experimenter. $33

HP Colorado T3000 tape backup unit Used HP Colorado T3000 3.2 GB internal tape backup drive with 2 tapes. Includes drivers. $39

NEC Versa 4200 series Product Recovery CD-Rom Contains Windows for Workgroups and MS Dos 6.22 to reinstall NEC Versa 4200 series computers. Original new disks. Media only. No license or certificate of authenticity included. Purchaser must fax or email proof of license and Versa 4200 ownership before we can ship these. Works only on appropriate NEC computers. Will not function on other computer systems. $22

SCSI 16 bit card New. Has external 50 pin output only. No drivers. Unusual design has power connector on the internal portion of the card and also has a power resistor on the card itself. $7

4 mm Data backup tapes

Maxell 90 meter HS-4/90s 2 GB Data casettes. NEW! $4 ea.

HS-8/112 Helical-scan 8mm data cartridge Maxell Helical-scan 8 mm data cartridge. New. $6

BASF DC9100 data cartridge New E-X-T-R-A 760 ft. 45.000 ftpi density tapes. $4 ea.

Qic 80 backup tapes New 420mb tapes. Great price! $6

3M DC 2000 Mini Data Cartridge (40 mb 205 ft.) New 40mb tapes. Great price! $5

NEC Gravis MultiPort

Gravis Multiport adapter for NEC. Untested. Appears to be a device for allowing up to 4 specially designed NEC Gravis GrIP-Pad gamepads with 9 pin connectors (see below) to be connected to 1 game port. These Gravis MultiPort units have also appear to have 2 standard gameport outputs on them allowing you to use 2 regular joysticks apparently. We are not sure if these are new or used. Their cords appear to have never been unwrapped, but they are not in any packaging. 30 day guarantee. We are not sure if this adapter and/or the Grip-Pad gamepad (sold separately below) requires any special drivers, but we don't have any to include. FCC ID: HYN5201A. One one remains! Do not order more than one. email for availability

NEC GrIP-Pad (Gravis)
Special NEC Gravis Grip-Pad game pad with 9 pin female connector. Appears to require NEC Gravis MultiPort (above). No drivers included. New (old stock) $32 ea. FCC ID: HYN5201A $32

Gateway2000 Docking bay

Gateway 2000 docking bay for Solo notebook. We are not sure if these are new or used but we are giving them a 30 day guarantee. Apparently for Windows 95 vintage Solo notebook because some of these have stickers which indicate "You should click on Eject PC in Windows 95 Start menu before undocking your Solo notebook." Gateway part number 8001361 $44

OS/2 version 2.1 on CD with version 3 upgrade on CD included Used retail package of OS/2 version 2.1 on CD with OS/2 version 3 upgrade also included on CD. Includes manual and license. $44

Dauphin DTR-1 accessories Click here to see a listing of our Dauphin DTR1 pen computer accessories.

Panasonic Superdisk Drive Pack (new) New superdisk 120 mb drive pack for CF-25 series notebook computers. Model CF-VFS251 $55

Planogram Library (Do it Best) Store layouts, departments, categories. Version 2.0 2 CD set. May 2000. Opportunity program. New in double jewel case. $29

Compaq Deskpro 4000 Series Quick Setup manual New Compaq Deskpro 4000 Series Quick Setup user's manual. $32

PC Symphony AdLib compatible sound card Old AdLib sound card compatible in new retail box. Early 90's vintage. SOLD

Intel LANDesk Management Suite (Intel) Retail package. Appears to be new. Shrinkwrapped. Flexible desktop management for Windows NT and Novell NetWare. 1997-1998 vintage. $32

DriveCopy 4.0 (PowerQuest)

Drive Copy 4.0 helps you copy and upgrade your hard drive with ease. 2001 vintage software in new retail box. For Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional, NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 95, Windows 98, Linux and DOS. $22

DataKeeper 3.0 (PowerQuest) Automatic backup for simple and complete data protection. 1999 version in retail box. $22

Salsa for the Desktop (Wall Data) Version 2 CD. Build custom applications for Windows. The back of the package indicates that this is actually version 2.2 although the front of the package indicates version 2. $22

CDVision (Ornetix) CD-Vision Advanced CD-Rom Server Software. 10 user. Version 2.01a. Powerful, enterprise-wide CD-Rom sharing. Seamless use of NetWare commands. Instant installation and configuration. No NLMs or client workstation TSRs. New retail box. Part number CDV010. $42

IBM printer terminal interposer. 25 pin male (8 connected) to 25 pin female adapter. IBM P/N 58f2861 call or email

8-port adapter wrap plug Oddball adapter appears to terminate some type of connector. P/N 22f9694 call or email

Used DEC network cards Used (untested) DEC network cards. ISA type. Have RJ 45 connector. $3 ea.

Netline Serial Network Kit
(Antique Product in new packages)
Netline was a popular software and hardware kit during the late 80's and early 90's that allowed up to 8 PC's to connect together using the existing serial ports. It uses standard telephone cable and DB-9 or DB-25 to RJ-ll serial port adapters. Kit includes: software, manual, two DB-9 to RJ-11 adapters, one 25' cable and a serial port tester. Requires IBM PC-AT, PS/2 or true compatible, 640k memory, hard drive, MSDOS 3.2 or higher and two available serial ports (Com 1 & 2). $22 ea.

Acceler8/16 CP/M-80 Emulator (Software Toolworks) Used CPM Emulator for MS-Dos on PC/XT. Requires 192k ram. Includes manual and 5.25" original disk and 3.5" backup copy. $22

Copy II PC Deluxe Option Board (Central Point) Used Copy II PC deluxe option board. Back up virtually all protected software. ISA slot required. Mid to late1980's technology. Includes manual and software. sold out

Correct Grammar (Lifetree) The progessional grammar corrector for WordPerfect 5 and 4.2. Also compatible with Wordstar 3, 4, 5 and 5.5 as well as Sidekick and ASCII files. New retail box. Appears to contain 5.25" disk media. $19

NAP Technical Service Data manual 6519 for NAP and Magnavox composite monochrome monitors Repair and service information for Magnavox and NAP green and amber composite monochrome NAPCEC monitors model numbers BM7522074B, BM7552074B, BM7622074B, BM7650074B and BM7652074B. The model numbers shown on these monitors were BM7552, BM7650, BM7652, BM7522, BM7622. This is a used official service data manual but is in good condition. $27

72 pin Simm for HP9000 P200 server Used 72 pin simms for the HP 9000 P200 server only. $29 ea.

CRT cleaning spray Specially formulated spray for cleaning computer monitors $10

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