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All software is new unless otherwise mentioned. Users purchasing used software need to have updated virus protection to protect themselves. Purchaser accepts all responsibility to protect themselves from such risks.

Special Purchase!!! iWork 09 New retail box. Genuine! Great Price! $69

Special Purchase!!! iWork 09 Family Edition for multiple users! New retail box. Just 1 remaining! $89

Note: Many of the following programs may not work on Mac OS X or newer but may require an older more classic version of Mac OS or a classic Mac emulator

Incredible Price!!! Incredible Edmark CD Learning Bundle. Has 5 Mac learning CDs. Also includes World Book Encyclopedia for Windows 95. Mac CDs are: Sammy's Science House (ages 3-6), Mighty Math Carnival Countdown (ages 5-8), Strategy Challenges Collection 1 (ages 8-adult), Imagination Express: Destination Castle, Imagination Express: Destination Rain Forest. $8 NEW for the entire set! (Note: The World Book Encyclopedia for Windows 95 requires a CD drive of 8x or slower. The rest can run on any speed CD drive.) All of these CD programs are made by Edmark except the World Book Encyclopedia.

Blank DSDD 3.5" disks for older Macintosh computers and blank 2HD Mac Formatted (High Density) 3.5" disks for newer Macintosh computers. Click here for prices and more information.

Discount Priced educational games from the Learning Company, Davidson, Mecc, Disney and Broderbund for Macintosh computers! click here for more details.

Old MacInTax Macintosh Tax software click here for more details.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego for Macintosh, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego for Mac, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego for Macintosh, Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time and Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective Edition. Click here for pricing and more information

Gus and the CyberBuds Software Schoolhouse
for Windows and Macintosh
Early learning fun for Ages 3 and up. Educational CD packages include: Science: Recycling with Gus (Ages 3-8), Science: Dino Spot-N-Match, Math: Spartagus (Ages 3 & up), Problem Solving: Rave's Picture Puzzles (Ages 3 & up), and Reading: Gus's Secret Cybergliphics (Ages 3-8). These are Award Winning Learning Adventures! Each package also includes bonus Sing-A-Long Songs! Please specify which of the above packages you want. New retail packaging. Requires CD drive, 8 mb ram, VGA monitor, 256 colors, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or System 7 (Macintosh) or later. $12 ea.

Charlton Heston Bible Voyage of the New Testament
(New retail packages)
Incredibly nice Bible stories and narration performed on location in the Holy Land by the famous actor. This software has beautiful photos, video segments, music, artwork, maps and 3-D animations which really makes for an excellent faith-promoting multimedia CD-rom experience. Also includes the entire text of the New Testament Gospels (King James version). Requires Mac II, Centris, Quadra or Power Mac. Also requires System 7.1 or higher. Needs 8 mb of ram, thousands of colors and a 2x CD drive or faster. Also works on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and in a slightly smaller than full screen window on Windows 98 and XP. $12

Star Warped (Parroty Interactive)

Fun, cute and humorous parody of Star Wars. Interactive CD-rom which originally had online play available, but the online support has been discontinued. Contains many games with familiar looking StarWars-like characters. Games include: U Don't No Jedi, Death Star Destructo, Whack the Ewok, Dork Forces, Flawed Fighters, Scrapped Scripts, Tell U-- I will, Wrecked All Assault, Ranch Cam, Gene Splicer, Time Machine and much, much more! New CD in original retail package. Runs on Windows 3.1 and 95 as well as Macintosh computers (with System 7.1 & 68040/33 MHz processor or better). $17

Medical HouseCall by Applied Medical Informatics

From the makers of Iliad (the medical expert diagnostic program used by medical schools and physicians) this diagnostic, record keeping and reference CD is the best and most comprehensive medical diagnostic tool which we have seen! In depth information, diagnostics, multimedia, record keeping, procedures, drugs, treatment recommendations, etc. These NEW retail packages are on CD disks will run with Windows 3.1 or higher and on Macintosh LCII (68030 CPU, 16 mhz with system 7) or higher. Note: We recently tested this program successfully on Windows XP but have not tested it on Mac OSX or higher. Excellent! Only a limited quantity of these Medical House Call packages are available at this incredible price! $17

Mac OS X version 10.1 Upgrade CD. (Apple). New. $37

Mayo Clinic Family Health for Mac (IVI Publishing). Tremendous health reference guide for families. 1996 CD only in sleeve. $17

Villains' Revenge (Disney). Ages 8 and up. Travel with Jiminy Cricket to restore happy endings to Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and Snow White before the Villains take over forever. Requires: Power PC 132 mhz with System 7.5.2, 32 mb ram, 60 mb hard drive, 4x CD and thousands of colors or higher video display. CD in new retail box for Mac and Windows. $29

Inside Magic (HMI) Learn over 50 magic tricks and sleights using coins, cards and other simple props. Hosted by Peter Grand, master magician. QuickTime movies demonstrate important techniques onscreen. Helpful instructions, interesting insights and password protection to keep your secrets safe! CD for Windows 95 and Macintosh in new retail box. Requires 68040 system or higher with System 7.0 or higher, 8 mb ram and 2x CD drive or better for Mac. $29

The Legends of OZ (CD) One Hundred Years of OZ. Includes games, film clips, and complete stories about the Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz computer game. Includes both Mac and Windows versions. $9

Number Munchers (CD) (The Learning Company) for ages 8 to adult. Master basic math skills the fast and easy way. Includes Macintosh and MS-DOS versions. Requires system 6.0.5 or higher. Also requires 2 mb ram or higher. $9

JumpStart 1st Grade (Knowledge Adventure) New CD in jewel case. Comprehensive learning system for ages 5-7 for Macintosh and Windows. Jump Start covers virtually all basic 1st grade subjects. $17

Word Blaster (Davidson) New CD in jewel case for ages 8 to 12. Watch you child's vocabulary soar! For Macintosh, Windows 3.1 & Windows 95. $12

Instant Immersion English: English as a Second Language (Topics) Improve your english instantly using the Euro Method! 4 CD set in new retail box for Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000 also works on Macintosh computers. Interactive speech and litening! Learn to speak english step-by step. Also includes 8 in 1 English Dictionary! call or email for price and availability

Vampire's Coffin (Fun children's cartoon-type adventure game) (Sanctuary Woods) CD $19

It's a Bird's Life (Sanctuary Woods) CD $19

Zoo Explorers (Exciting children's educational CD about animals. Many activities.) $9

Ocean Explorers (Stimulating child's educational CD about ocean animals. Nice!) $9

Gus Goes to Cyberstone Park (CD). Fun interactive game for children. Includes Mac and Windows versions. $9

The LucasArts Macintosh Archives Vol. 1 (LucasArts) Used retail box with 6 CDs and Documentation. Nice condition. Power Mac Native. Includes: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Star Wars Dark Forces, StarWars Rebel Assault, Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, plus Sam & Max: Hit the Road. Sixth CD is a bonus super sampler CD with playable demos of: Full Throttle, X-Wing, The Dig, Rebel Assault II and Mortimer & the Riddles of the Medallion! (email for availability before ordering) $69

Wild Blue Yonder (Spectrum Holobyte) Like new Mac CD with opened retail box and documentation. Episode 1: 50 Years of Gs and Jets! High performance jet aircraft. $27

Gearheads (Philips) Mac CD in new retail box. A furious war of wind-up toys! $19

Americans in Space for Mac and Windows (Includes two CD's). New retail box. Complete historic tour of America's space program up to the early 90's. 1993 version with multimedia. $22

Tom Clancy's Politika (Red Storm Entertainment)

Tom Clancy's Politika game. The strategy game of political intrigue in modern day Russia. 1997 vintage. New in retail box for Windows 95 and Mac OS 7.5. Hard drive required. Includes free Politika Power Plays novel by Tom Clancy!

Arcade Battles (LaserMac) Mac CD in new jewel case. Contains 48 action packed arcade games. Shareware. $17

Mind Games (LaserMac) Mac CD in new jewel case. Contains 46 mind boggling challenges. Shareware. $17

Space Madness (Changeling Software) Mac 3.5" game in new retail box. Fast-paced arcade action! $19

SkyShadow (MacSoft) Mac CD in new retail box. Super action arcade game! $19

SkyShadow (MacSoft) Mac CD in new jewel case only. Super action arcade game! $14

Lunicus (Paramount & Cyberflix) Mac CD in new retail box. Battle mechanized aliens in fully rendered 3D environments! $44

Terrace (FormGen) Mac CD in new retail box. The Future of Strategy Games! The European Smash Hit! $34

Carrier Fortress At Sea (Discovery Channel Multimedia). CD in new retail box. (1996 vintage) email for price and availability

Paparazzi! Tales of Tinseltown (Activision) Mac CD in new (but possibly blemished) retail box. Stalk celebrities, shoot photos, expose scandal! $44

Meet Mediaband (Philips) Mac CD in new retail box. The first interactive music video CD rom! $24

Eureka! I Can Draw (nu.millennia inc.) Mac CD in new retail box. Master drawing skills and artistic expression! $27

SAT & ACT (Kaplan) Mac and Windows CD Rom in new retail box. Test Preparation software. Higher score guaranteed! 1998 version. SOLD

Welcome to the Future (Blue Sky Entertainment) Mac CD in new retail box. An incredible alternate reality adventure. The incredible quest of discovery, art and music. $34

BlockbusterVideo Guide to Movies and Videos for Mac (Creative Multimedia). 1995 CD only in sleeve. $22

Cinemania 96 for Macintosh (Microsoft) 1996 CD only in sleeve. $18

Claris Organizer 1.0 for Mac (Claris) 1995 CD only in sleeve. $22

mPower for Mac (Multimedia Design). Multimedia presentations at the touch of a button. 1995 CD only in sleeve. $27

Sports and Humor (Apple) Mac CD Rom collection in original new packaging. Includes Sports Illustrated 1994 Multimedia Sports Almanac, Dennis Miller's: That's Geek to Me and World Tour Golf: Monterey. $37

Frankenstein Through the Eyes of the Monster (MacPlay) Graphic Adventure game starring Tim Curry. $44

Surf-Watch (Ventana) Mac CD in new retail box. Old version. Block offensive and X-rated websites! $27

Thinking Things Collection 2 for Mac (Edmark) "Develop Thinking Skills Essential for Learning Success" CD only in sleeve. $27

Mighty Math Number Heroes CD (Edmark) Builds Basic Concepts and Problem-Solving Skills Required for Math Success. Includes Mac and Windows versions. For younger and older children. $12

Troggle Trouble Math (Mecc) CD in new retail package for Macintosh or Windows. Ages 6-12. Fun way to learn math skills. call or email

Treasure Island (Padmini) Old English multimedia narration of classic! New CD in jewel case for Mac and Windows. $19

Random House Webster's Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus (College Edition) for Macintosh. Used 3.5" disks only. No documentation. 1994 vintage. $25

WordPerfect version 3.5 for Macintosh (Academic Edition). Used CD in jewel case with license. Guaranteed. $39

WordPerfect version 3.5 for Macintosh. 8 used 3.5" disks only. No license or documentation. AS IS price $29. Guaranteed price $37.

WordPerfect version 3.1 for Macintosh. 6 used 3.5" disks only. No license or documentation. AS IS price $27. Guaranteed price $35.

Microsoft FrontPage 1.0 for Macintosh. Used academic version. Includes CD, license and original box. No manual included. $39

Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh documentation only. Used. Has manuals, certificate of authenticity and license only. No software or media included. $44

Microsoft Powerpoint version 2.01 Desktop Presentations Program for Macintosh on 3.5" floppy disks. New unopened retail box! 1990 vintage. Requires system 4.1 or later with 1 mb memory. Two 800k disk drives required. $59

Mac Tools Deluxe version 1.2 (Central Point) New unopened packages! System 7 compatible! 3.5" disks and manual included! Powerful data recovery, hard disk backup, disk optimization and file management! call or email for price and availability

Minitab 8 (Student Edition) for Macintosh (Addison-Wesley) Statistical software adapted for education. New retail package. Tremendous statistical analysis, display and statistics tutorial capabilities. Runs on all older Macintosh models except 128k, 512k and 512k enhanced. Requires System 6.0.2 or later and a hard disk with 2.5 mb or more free space. $19

Multimedia Exotic Pets (Inroads Interactive) New CD in jewel case for Windows 3.1 or higher and Mac. Inromation about horses, birds, aquatics, reptiles and pocket pets. $27

MediaClips Animal Kingdom royalty free Animal CD-ROM images, sounds and movies for business presentations, education and fun. 100 wildlife photographic images (TIFF, BMP), 25 videos of animals in action, 100 .wav audio clips of animal sounds. Windows/Mac CD version. New retail box. $24

Home Depot's Home Improvement 1-2-3 (CD) Shows and tells how to make home repairs and improvements. Includes Macintosh and Windows versions. $9

Inside the SAT and ACT Deluxe by The Princeton Review. 1998 version CD Rom for old Macs and Windows 95. Prepare for the ACT and SAT tests. Also includes College Prep Power Pack-- although much of the information in this Power Pack may be outdated. Incredible price $42! New retail box but the shrinkwrap on one end is splitting open due to age.

Inside the SAT and ACT (old used CD edition by The Princeton Review). Prepare for the ACT and SAT tests on your Macintosh or Windows Computer. 1996 or 1997 vintage. Incredible price $32!

JamIt Digital Sound Mixer Microphone

A digital sound lab that fits in the palm of your hand! Record and play back up to 4 minutes of sound from any location using the built in microphone and speaker. Then you can download the sound into your PC or Mac computer and morph, warp, or sync the sounds with digital pictures or send the recording via email. Create bizarre sound effects with your creations! These are new retail packages complete with cable, user's guide and software. 3 AAA batteries required-- not included. Requires Macintosh with system 8.0 or above, 32 mb ram, 75 mb hard drive space and 4x CD drive or faster. Some Macs may require a plain talk adapter. Just $7 ea. Only $5 ea. for 2 or more! $17

Sound Blastoff (LaserMAC) 239 Professional Multimedia Sound Clips and Utilities for Macintosh. Contains some shareware. New CD in jewel case. $12

Macintosh Performa 6360 and 6400 series Guided Tour CD with sleeve. $27

SoftWindows (Insignia) Unopened 1994 version in retail box. Allows Windows based software from the mid 1990's to run on Mac computers from the same time frame. $44

Educator Advantage for Macintosh (Apple) 1996 CD only in sleeve. $37

PhotoDeluxe 1.0 (Adobe) for Macintosh. 1996 version CD only in sleeve. $29

3D Atlas for Mac (ABC/Electronic Arts) version 1.1b. 1995 CD in sleeve only. $24

American Heritage Children's Dictionary for Macintosh (Houghton Mifflin and Dorling Kindersley) 1996 CD only in sleeve. $24

Our Times for Macintosh (Vicarious). Multimedia Encyclopedia of the 20th Century. 1996 CD only in sleeve. $24

Club Kidsoft for Macintosh (Kidsoft). Explore over 30 great demos. 1995 CD only in sleeve. $22

Sim City Classic for Mac. The original City Simulator. New retail box. Supports Plus, Classic, LC Series, II Series, Quadra Series, Portable and PowerBook Series. System 6.0.2 required. 2 mb ram (2.5 mb under System 7) and hard drive required. $32

American Heritage Children's Dictionary (Houghton Mifflin Interactive). New mac CD in jewel case. $19

Cyber Patrol Protect your children from objectional web sites. Block inappropriate web sites and email. Learning Company CD for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh. Old version. $14

SupraExpress 33.6 (Supra) used external modem for Macintosh. Modem has built-in Mac cable. No documentation or software included. Untested. AS IS price $39. Guaranteed price $44.

SupraExpress 28.8 (Supra) used external modem for Macintosh. Modem has built-in Mac cable. No documentation or software included. Untested. AS IS price $29. Guaranteed price $37.

U.S. Robotics Sportster Voice 28.8 V.34 and 33.6 Faxmodem with speakerphone and personal voice mail. Used. No power supply included. May require 20 volt AC 500 mA power supply. No documentation or software included. Untested. AS IS price $27. Guaranteed Price $35.

Motorola 28.8 external modem. Modemsurfer modem. New. Works on Macintosh or PC. Has the @World logo on it. $37

Used GeoPort Telecom Adapter. $32 untested. Appears to be a very old modem for early Macintosh computers.

Old Mac video card? Apple card 820-0509-A. Has 15 pin connector and 4 empty simm sockets for more memory. Used. Untested. 1993 vintage. Email for price and availability.

Old Mac video card? Apple card 820-0522-A. Has 15 pin connector and 4 empty simm sockets for more memory. Used. Untested. 1993 vintage. Email for price and availability.

Used keyboard for old Mac classic computer. $44. Price includes cable. Deduct $6 if you don't need the cable.

Used keyboards for other old Macintosh computers. Call for availability and pricing

Numeric-Turbo keypad. High speed input and full-function keypad for early Macintosh computers. Used. Untested. Not sure if this device requires any drivers which are not included. $32 AS IS.

Recipes for Family Fun by Old El Paso New. CD in unopened sleeve. Contains Mexican recipes, Fiesta ideas, games and beautiful Mexican and Spanish music that you can listen to on your computer or on a regular CD player. $12

ResumeMaker Deluxe (Individual Software, Inc.) Create perfect resumes and letters. Organize job hunting contacts. Sharpen interview skills. Identify your ideal career. Get expert advice and inside knowledge. Mac (System 7 or higher CD). Full retail box. $22

Berlitz French (The Learning Company) An easy, fun and interactive way to learn French. Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh CD in new retail box. $34

StudyWorks! Math CD-rom Math Soft's incredible complete mathematics tool for high school and college students. This program is like a very sophisticated desktop publishing program for mathematicians and mathematical writings. Includes graphing, statistics, formulas, facts and calculating capabilities. Explore and learn! Math encyclopedia included. Web links add extra power. Full retail box version for Windows 3.1 or 95. Study Works! also works on Macs with 68040 processor (Power Mac recommended). call or email for availability and price

Stephen Hawking Life in the Universe (Metatools) Explore the mysteries of Physics, Science, Life, Energy, Space and the Earth with the brilliant Stephen Hawking's tremendous insights! Includes multimedia explorations, animations, timelines and science games! Works on Windows 3.1, 95 and Macintosh! New retail box. call or email for price and availability

Business Class (Activision) International Business/Travel Planner (Requires Hypercard) 3.5" $15

Focal Point (Activision) An Ultimate Organizer for ideas, scheduling, etc. (Hypercard) 3.5" $15

Photon Paint for Mac (MicroIllusions) Used retail package. Create amazing graphics and artwork on your older Macintosh! Has 3.5" disks and manual. For Mac II, SE and Plus. Color or black & white. Requires 1 mb of ram or more. $39.

Code:Europe (CompuTeach) Your Passport to Intrigue and Adventure. Travel across Europe gathering facts and learning about geography, culture and history in a fun multimedia crime solving game. For ages 10 and up. System 7 compatible. Requires color Mac with 1 mb ram. 3.5" High Density Disks in new retail box. $27

Links Pro for Macintosh (Access) Used 3.5" golf game for older Mac computers. 1994 Vintage. No documentation. $22 AS IS or $29 with guarantee.

Inside Independence Day (Fox Interactive) Used CD for Mac and Windows includes box and manual. Explore the production and special effects used to make the Independence Day movie. Requires System 7.1, Mac II, Centris, Quadra or Power Mac with 256 colors, 5 mb ram, 2x CD drive or better. $32

Clinton: Portrait of Victory. 1992-1993 Speeches, photographs, narration of Clinton's glory days before the scandal! Collector's Item! (Time Warner New Media CD) $17

Multimedia Workshop for Mac (Davidson) Davidson Power Tools presents The Multimedia Workshop for Mac. Used CD with instruction manual. Ages 10 to adult. 1994 version. The multimedia tool for papers, projects and presentations. $29

Student Essentials for Macintosh. 6 used 3.5" original disks. No documentation. Includes Bitstream Fonts Pack, Document Experts and Language Modules. $24 AS IS or $32 with guarantee.

Digital Chisel (Pierian Spring Software) Create your own educational software for Macintosh! Has paint and draw, animation, QuickTime, sound record and play, laser disk and CD rom, hypermedia and hypertext, question templates, libraries, database and text-to speech capabilities. New retail box with single user license. This is most likely a 1994 or 1995 version. New in unopened retail box. $42

Animated Greetings (Software Affiliates) Send animated Season's Greetings via e-mail or on floppy disk. Vintage 1993 CD for Mac or PC (Windows 3.1 or higher). New in unopened jewel case. $29

HyperStudio (Roger Wagner) Used CD for Macintosh with manual. Requires OS 6.0 with 2 mb ram or higher. 4 mb ram required for OS 7. Create professional presentations and multimedia projects! $29

Grolier 1995 Multimedia Encyclopedia for Mac Used Grolier's 1995 Encyclopedia CD for Mac in jewel case. Version 7.0.2 $22

Guinness Records 1994 for Macintosh (Grolier Electronic) Used CD in jewel case only. Guiness Multimedia disk of Records 1994. Version 2.0.0 $22

San Diego Zoo Presents... The Animals! 2.0 (Mindscape) Used 1994 Macintosh CD in jewel case only. $24

3D Atlas version 1.1 (EA World) Used Electronic Arts 3D Atlas CD in jewel case only. $22

Small Blue Planet The Cities Below The Aerial Atlas of America (NowWhat Software) Used 1994 CD version 1.3 for Macintosh in jewel case only. $27

Space Adventure with Buzz Aldrin (Knowledge Adventure) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $22

The Treehouse (Broderbund) Used CD only in jewel case for Mac and Windows. $27

Dinosaur Adventure (Knowledge Adventure) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $22

Time Almanac Reference Edition (Time/Compact) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $24

Macmillan Multimedia Dictionary for Children (Simon and Schuster Interactive) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $22

My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary (Dorling Kindersley) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $22

The Rainforest (Zoo Guides)(REMedia) Used 1994 CD for Macintosh and Windows in jewel case only. $22

Art Gallery (Microsoft Home) Used 1993 CD for Macintosh in jewel case only. $24

The Way Things Work (Dorling Kindersley) Used 1995 CD in jewel case only for Macinosh by David Macaulay. $27

Infopedia (Future Vision) New 1994 CD in jewel case for Macintosh. The Ultimate Multimedia Encyclopedia and Reference Library. $17

Desktop Labels (MacSoft) Used 1995 3.5" version. Create any label in minutes. Includes address book and database for managing your mailing lists and labels. Use Avery or repositionable labels. Prints barcodes also. Also includes 100 clipart images. Instruction manual included. Sold

Award Maker 600 (Baudville) 3.5" disks for Macintosh with user manual. Blank award certificate stock included! New or like new condition. 1996 version. $27

Blank DSDD 3.5" disks for older Macintosh computers. Click here for prices and more information.

L.D.S. Scriptures Infobase collection for Windows 3.1 and Mac Infobase sampler edition for Windows 3.1 and Mac on CD rom. Has entire Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, 3000 Quotes, many other L.D.S. works and much more. $44

1998 Infobase Library
for Mac (used)
98 LDS Gospel Infobase Library for Macintosh (used). Nice condition. 4-cd collection. Includes original box and documentation. $59

Clickart Personal Graphics (T/maker) New retail package. 1987 version. 3.5" disk media. $27

Clickart Newsletter Cartoons (T/maker) Used in retail package. 1991 version. 3.5" disk media. $26

Lettering Delights for Macintosh (Inspire Graphics 1997) 23 True Type Computer fonts and over 50 Macintosh (.pict) Lettering Clip-Art images on 3.5" disk. Requires Mac system 7 or higher. New retail box. $19

Lettering Delights 2 for Mac (Inspire Graphics 1998) 30 True Type Computer fonts for Macintosh on 3.5" disk. Requires Mac SE or higher with System 7.x or higher (or System 6.0.5 or higher with True Type INIT and Font/DA Mover). New retail box. $19

L.D.S. Scriptures on 3.5" disks for old Macintosh computers (ICD Corporation). If you have an old Mac with a hard drive and you want to have the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price on your computer then this package is for you! Used. 1991 vintage. $42

Gospel Graphics for Mac. Christian and L.D.S. (126 Macpaint compatible images) 3.5" $29

LDS Clips for Mac and Windows. Over 300 images of beautiful LDS clipart (by Inspire Graphics 1997) on CD rom. Includes all of the LDS Clips Volume 1 and lds clips volume 2 (see below) plus 30 additional images! Also includes free World Temples mouse pad! Includes EPS (vector), PICT (vector/bitmap) and TIFF (bitmap) images for Mac. Also includes .wmf (vector), .cgm (vector), .wpg (vector), and .bmp (bitmap) images for Windows. Images will print in color or gray! Works on Mac versions of WordPerfect, Word, Printshop Deluxe, MS Works, Claris Draw, MacPaint, MacDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Quark Express. New full retail box. $32

LDS Clips vol. 2 for Mac. Over 130 high quality LDS clipart images (by Inspire Graphics 1995) in PICT format on 3.5" high density disk. Images will print in color or gray! Includes categories for Church History, Church Leaders, Primary, Relief Society, Scouting, Scripture Stories, Young Women, Temples and other Church themes! Works with Macintosh versions of WordPerfect, Word, PrintShop Deluxe (new version), MS Works, ClarisDraw, MacPaint (new versions) and MacDraw. New full retail box. $17

LDS Clips Symbols & Silhouettes for Macintosh. High quality LDS clipart images (by Inspire Graphics 1996) in PICT format on 3.5" high density disk. Images will print in color or gray! Works with Mac versions of WordPerfect, Word, MS Works, ClarisDraw, MacPaint (newer versions), MacDraw, and PrintShop Deluxe (newer versions). The LDS symbols are True Type fonts for System 7 or higher. Over 400 total images! New retail box! $17

LDS Color-Me Clips for Mac Volume 1: Themes from the Scriptures and Church History. Over 150 high quality LDS clipart outline images (by Inspire Graphics 1995) in PICT format on 3.5" high density disk. These outline images are designed to be printed out for children to color in with crayons or color pencils. Categories include: Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Prophets, borders, objects and animals. Works with Macintosh versions of WordPerfect, Word, PrintShop Deluxe (newer versions), MS Works, ClarisDraw, MacPaint (newer versions) and MacDraw. New retail box. $17

LDS Color-Me Clips for Mac Volume 2: Themes from Church Organizations and Activities. Over 150 high quality LDS clipart outline images (by Inspire Graphics 1995) in PICT format on 3.5" high density disk. These outline images are designed to be printed out for children to color in with crayons or color pencils. Categories include: Primary, family, Church, objects, faces, holiday, borders and songs! Works with Macintosh versions of WordPerfect, Word, PrintShop Deluxe (newer versions), MS Works, ClarisDraw, MacPaint (newer versions) and MacDraw. New retail box. $17

Quicken Special Edition 1996 for Mac. CD only in sleeve. $32

Mac Powerbook SCSI adaptor. Allows use of standard 25 pin SCSI devices. call or email

Used Mac microphones $27 each

CD holder caddies for old CD drives. These CD caddies are like a cartridge that you place the CD into prior to inserting the CD into some older style CD drives. See the CD caddies listed in the CDTV section.

15 pin Male D (not VGA-- has two rows of pins) to 9 pin Male D cable. $22
Might be Apple 2GS monitor cable or Macintosh-RGB monitor cable. 3 ft. One customer reported that this is the proper cable for connecting older Macintosh Performa computers to their monitors. We haven't verified this independently but believe that this is correct. Might also be usable on other Apple or Macintosh computers and monitors.

used Iomega zip 100 SCSI drive Used untested external SCSI Zip 100 drive. $44 AS IS without cable or power supply. Add $19 for cable and $19 for power supply. Add $8 for 30 day guarantee if desired. No drivers included. Shipping included if order totals $45 or more.

Bargain priced new Iomega zip 100 disks. IBM formatted but can be easily reformatted for Macintosh. Click here for price and information.

The 68000: Principles and Programming (Sams) Used book about the 68000 microprocessor by Leo J. Scanlon. In good condition. $34

Miscellaneous Mac cables, computers & accessories. call

 Macintosh Shareware and Public Domain

3 1/2" disks - $17.00 for first disk. Just $5 ea. for each additional disk.
The disks on this list are either public domain (where the authors agree to release their program to the public) or shareware. Shareware authors require a donation (usually minimal) for their time in producing their program if you find it useful. We encourage users to register and donate to the authors not only to encourage them to produce more software, but for also extra benefits such as updates and manuals

Please note that most of these programs will work with older (non-color) Apple Macintosh computers with 1 MB memory unless mentioned otherwise on this list. The newer color Macs should run almost all programs. It is hard to determine whether your computer will run each program so we put an assortment of many programs on each disk.

Note: We take every precaution to verify that our shareware and public domain programs do not have any viruses or other malicious problems but we cannot accept responsibility for any unlikely contamination which may occur. We strongly urge you to have anti-virus and security protection in place on your computer(s) before using these or any other programs.

Name  Description

Business (BMM)

Business Forms & More BMM0050 Form It for creating forms, Easy Envelopes Plus 2.6, Buttonpad, & Notify

Databases (DBM)

Databases DBM0050 Inventory designed for keeping track of personal items, Album Tracker, Log Master V2.1, Database File Repair, Index Maker 3.0, BarCode, Notify, & Auto Expense.

Clipart & Graphic Programs (CMG)

Clip Art Animals
(3 disks-- counts as 3 disks)
CGM0050 Macpaint files of 25 insects, American Eagles, Animal Clips, Black Bear, Animal Skull, Misc. Animals, Hook Flea, Dogs, Eagles, Elk, Fish, Horses, Gorilla, Indian Animals, Birds, & Misc. Sea Art & more.

Clip Art Business CGM0100 Macpaint files of Animation, Calendars, Card, Cassette Box Insert, Cassette box labels, D.C. Skytime, Dollars, Full-Page Message, Hurricane Map, Invoice, Labels, Paint Patterns & more.

Clip Art Dinosaurs CGM0120 Macpaint files of many types of dinosaurs.

Clip Art Holiday
(2 disks-- counts as 2 disks)
CGM0130 Macpaint files of 4th of July, Valentines, Christmas, Fall, General Holiday, Holloween, Holiday Mail, Holidays, Holiday Sampes, & Holly Oval Borders.

Clip Art Maps and History CGM0150 Macpaint files of World Maps, USA Maps, Canada, Atmosphere & Circulation, Frontier Scenes Map, Weather Fronts, Air Masses, Weather, & Colonial Drawings.

Clip Arts Sports (3 disks-- counts as 3 disks) CGM200 Macpaint files of Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Golf, Misc., Sports, Sports, Cartoons, Track & Field, Winter Sports, Football team art & more.

Educational (EMM)

Astronomy EM00025 Astronomical Events, Bright Stars is to show the night sky with a date view, lattitude view, brightest stars, constellations & more. Grav 4.1 is a solar system construction set. Jupiterium shows the position of Jupiter. Lunar Ephemeris shows the moons position to the sun and earth according to date. Exposure Calculator prints out the moon position according to date. 3D Gallaxy Collisions is a program where you create a Gallaxy, simulate & even print it out.

Chemistry EMM0075 Orbital Mixing, MacFormula, MacFormula 2.0, HMOfldr 1.0, & Chemistry DA.

Early Math EM00150 Carries Coins, Adding Game with 4 levels, Flash Cards allows you to create your own flash cards & test yourself or use the tests on disk - multiplication, elements, etc. Hello Math is a cute helicopter game that tests addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division, & Story Machine.

Educational Games Mac EM00160 3 Galaxy Collision, Follower, Master Guess, Gravitation 4.0, MacSimon, Crossmastr, Math 2, & Crystal Cave 2.2.

Geography and History EM00160 Time Lines History program Capitals, Earthplot 3.0, Euro-Asia, US Map, Geographics V1.4, Hurrican, & Man'N'States.

Intermediate Math EM00200 Algebra Tutor is a workable demo and tutor of Algebra. Calc Plot is RPA calculator and graphics ploter for complex equations. Hands on Math is a workshop for binary word trees. Math Master is an excellent program for teaching Algebra. Matrices 1.0 is for matrix making. Other programs are Slide Rule that you can adjust, Logarithms, & Tangent Program.

Type Spell & Vocab EM00300 Keys is for learning language roots and requires System 6.0 or greater. Typing Helper is a very nice program for teaching typing where you may make your own test. Word Search Game is a nice program that allows you to create your own puzzles with your own words and solve them. Spelling & Spell Test II are to be printed. Spelling Tutor 2.0 is documents to be read or printed.
Games (MG)
Advanced Mac Games MGM0005 3Tris 2.11 Color requires System 6.04 or later, a color monitor, & sound blaster. It is an excellent Tetris type game with several levels. 3D Brick Bash is another excellent Tetris type game where you destroy bricks by bouncing balls against your paddle in a room. It requires System 6.04 or later, 68020 CPU or greater 1,300K free memory to run 8-bit color, 800K for 4-bit or less.

Adventure Games 1 Mac MGM0010 3rd Floor, C&W Adventure, & Castle of Etri. These are great games & some have sound effects and graphics.

Adventure Games 2 Mac MGM0012 King, Cave, Cap'Magneto, & Space Games. These are great games & some have effects and graphics.

Arcade Games 1 Mac MGM0025 Blocker 1.2, Camel, Catch the Buzz 1.01. Frenzy, Gobler, Motor Bike, & Sitting Duck.

Board Games MGM0030 Shogi Chess, Yahtzee, 3D Checkers V2.0, Connect 4, Chinese Puzzle, Checkers 4.0, and Yahtzee 1.3.1.

Card Games 1 Mac MGM0080 Baker's Dozen, Blackjack Paradise, Card 99, Draw Poker?, Hearts 0.8, Fifteen 1.0, Card Magic 1.10, King Albert 5.01, Guesscard, Mac Sevens, Match 15 V12, & Pokeno.

Small Mac Games MGM0500 Older machines game are - Air Hockey, Bouncing Balls where you collect coins & avoid obstacles, Camel is an adventure where you cross the Gobi Deser, City Defense where you protect your city from missiles, Dart V1.5, Express Lane where you become a checker at a store, Frenzy arcade maze game, Hetris smililar to Tetris, Flee Circus, & Fun In Space. Brickes Plus is an excellent Arkanoid type game that has many features which requires system 6.04 or later and a color monitor.

Space Games MGM0550 Fun in Space is a game where you guide your ship and retrieve buoys, MacTrek makes you travel through the galaxy on a grid and destroy all Klingon kingdoms. Rescue requires system 6.022 or later and is a nice Star Trek type of game with many features including sound blaster. Zeo Gravity 2.0 is where you fly a pilot and avoid forces in a chamber.

Home Utility & Budget (HMM)

Checkbook for Mac HMM0100 Checkbook 2.2, Checkwriter 1.0, CK 2.2, & Mac Budget.

Labels and Addresses HMM0200 Address Book prints out multiple & single labels, phone book, & is modem compatible. Lazerlabels PD is a nice label program that allows you to set up several label formats & has other great features. Cardbase is an easy address book.

Paint & Graphic Utility (PNM)

Graphic Utilities PNM0150 Lightning Paint is a full featured paint program that can import in MacPaint files, you can add text and much more. Steve's MacPaint viewer views, prints, rotates MacPaint files and more. Kid Pix is an excellent drawing program for kids which has many drawing utilities, stamps, loads, saves, prints, & more. Paint to Draw is a utility for converting MacPaint files to Macdraw. Certificate Creator is for creating certificates, & sample it is for viewing MacPaint & MacDraw files.

Spreadsheet (SPM)

Spread Sheet & Calc SPM0500 Biplane 2.0 is a nice spread sheet program. Mariner for System 6.0 or later, Budget Projector, DCad Calculator, & Mortgage Calc.

Wordprocessor (WPM)

Word Processors for Mac WPM0400 Flash Write 1.03, MiniWriter 1.73, Text Writer. Upward 1.2 is an excellent word processor with many features & prints in many fonts. Writeswell Jr. requires a more powerful Macintosh such as a system 6.04 or later and is a simple free word processor that demonstrates linking spell & grammar checker & more. Textmaster 1.4 is a program to convert between Unix newsline and Macintosh end-of-line characters. Works on text files only.

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