3.5" DSDD (double density) disks Still Available at great prices!

Do you still use an older computer like an Amiga, Atari ST, Mac Classic, Apple 2 GS, early PC compatible or Commodore 64? Do you find it very difficult to find new blank disks for your computer? Or, do you use a slightly older music device, court recorder, embroidery machine, dedicated word-processing device or other device that you need to keep using but which requires the same hard-to-find disks? If so, you have come to the right place!

Note: 3.5" Double Density disks are identical to the newer 3.5" high density disks in size and shape except the high density disks have a small square hole on both sides of the top of the disk whereas the older Double density disks only have 1 small square hole with a little plastic write-protect slider. Unfortunately the newer High Density 3.5" disks normally don't function well on the older devices which require the old style Double Density Disks. The older Double Density disks are getting harder to get but we are fortunate to have a large stockpile of them still available. We recommend that you stock up on these while you still can because the price of these disks is going up steadily as they become more difficult to obtain.

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