Used Commodore 64 programs and games

Expect to see a growing list of used Commodore 64 games, educational programs, applications and more here as time goes on! These games do not include their original box or packaging and usually don't have any instructions. Two prices are possible for most of these games: The lower 'As Is' price and the higher 'tested and guaranteed' price. Games sold at the 'As Is' price are not returnable and have not been tested but a very high percentage of them will work.

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

Most of the following used single disks have no box or instructions
 Used Item  Description  Price

QUESTPROBE featuring THE HULK  For the C 64 & Plus/4 sold

Artist  VALUE TIME $ 9.00 As is $17 guaranteed

Starcross A game full challenging questions Guaranteed $17.00




Grab them While you Can!

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