Commodore 16 Replacement Keyboard mechanism can be adapted for use on the Commodore 64 or Vic 20

Many years ago Commodore liquidated a large quantity of surplus keyboard mechanisms for the Commodore 16 computer through Radio Shack (cat. no. 277-1027). The Radio Shack packaging describes this keyboard as an Archer 65 Position Multiplexed Output keyboard-- but we recognized them as Commodore 16 keyboards and purchased quite a few of them and still have a few available in their original new Radio Shack packaging! This keyboard can even be used as an excellent replacement keyboard for a Commodore 64 or Vic 20 as long as the key-contact circuit board on the bottom of the Commodore 64 or Vic 20 keyboard is cleaned and put in place of the circuit board which comes with this keyboard. This process requires opening the Commodore 64 (or 64c, or Vic 20) and removing about 20 small screws which hold the key-contact circuit board in place on the Commodore 64 keyboard mechanism. Next, you must carefully cut two small wires going from the Shift/Lock key to the board near the middle of each wire. Then remove the corresponding key-contact circuit board from the C-16 keyboard mechanism. Finally, clean the Commodore 64's original key-contact circuit board and attach it to the key mechanism from the Commodore 16 keyboard using the small screws. Lastly, carefully and quickly solder the two wires back together for the Shift/Lock key. (Be careful not to use too much heat for too long or you will melt and damage the Shift/Lock mechanism.) This process will void any refund options from us but it isn't really that difficult for anyone with reasonable dexterity and a regular philips screwdriver, a set of small precision screwdrivers and a soldering iron. Also, a few of the keys on the Commodore 16 keyboard were labelled differently and will require some key cap swapping from the original 64 or Vic keyboard or some stickers to prevent misidentification of keys. We have had quite a few people do this with good results-- although the color of the keys are different from the original colors it looks ok and works quite well.

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