SWL Short-wave Amateur HAM Listener Interface Cartridge and Morse Coach Cartridge for Commodore 64

These are really cool products! The G & G Electronics (Formerly Microlog) SWL cartridge and the Morse Coach cartridge for learning Morse code on the Commodore 64 are now available through us!

The SWL cartridge is fully self contained with the software built into the same cartridge which inputs the signal for conversion of signal (code sound) output from your shortwave or RTTY radio into readable text on the screen of your Commodore 64. Includes photocopied documentation and cable. Demo cassette tape no longer included.

Some of the SWL features:
On Screen Tuning
Manual or Automatic Printer Control for Paper Copy
24 Hour On Screen Clock
Direct Keyboard Text Input to Your Printer
No Extra Power Supply or Computer Connections Needed
Simply Plugs into the Cartridge (Expansion) Port
Connects to standard 1/8th inch headphone output of Shortwave Radio (cable included)
Hand-Key Input for Code Practice
Automatic Word Wrap and More!

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