Hard to Find Ribbons for Copal compatible printers starting at just $19 ea.

$19 ea. for long lasting black nylon ribbon that fits all of the following dot matrix printer models: Copal Write Hand SC-1000, Copal Write Hand SC-1200, Copal Write Hand SC-1200L, Copal SZ-44, Sakata SP1000, SP-1200, ASI Speeder 231A, ASI Speeder SC1000, ASI Speeder SP 100, Legend 1000, Legend 1200, NLQ 160, NLQ 160L, NLQ 160XL, Teco RP 1814, Teco RP-2410, Teco VP-1814 and Teco VP 2410. Note: For simplicity sake please specify Copal 1000 ribbon when ordering.

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

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