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Memorex VIS games, educational software, and accessories. Marketed from 1993 to 1994 by Radio Shack stores.

We only have 1 of our beautiful interactive CD-Rom based stand-alone units from Memorex called the VIS (Video Information System) model 2500 (which is the same as model # 16-376 or MD 2500). The deal we are making on this unit is unbelievable! This incredibly nice unit connects directly to any standard television or standard video & audio input monitor and/or stereo system to provide MANY OF THE BENEFITS OF MULTIMEDIA WITHOUT HAVING TO PURCHASE A COMPUTER. In addition to being an excellent interactive CD Rom for learning and fun THIS SYSTEM ALSO DOUBLES AS AN EXCELLENT AUDIO CD DISK PLAYER TO PLAY ALL NORMAL AUDIO CD'S! The CD-Rom and music disks load and run automatically without all the installation, setup, and compatibility hassles which accompany IBM CD-Rom programs. The only unit(s) we have available still are likely slightly used. The system is easy to connect and to use and comes with a remote controller. (Extra used remotes $159)

Important note about VIS hardware! Due to the extraordinary time which it takes to dig these out of storage, test them and prepare them for shipment we have decided that people ordering these units should pay 1/2 of the total as a NON-REFUNDABLE Prep fee for us to prepare these for shipment. The other 1/2 of the total is for the hardware itself and will typically be covered by our normal 30-day guarantee. Keep in mind that if you order one of these units you must show this on your order. Please email us before ordering one of the VIS units from us to verify availability. We are now requiring that the $499.50 preparation fee portion be prepaid via a money order. If you order using our website and purchase the $999 system which comes with 20 software titles you must show the following on the online order form:


1 qty. Memorex VIS system (possibly lightly used) with 20 titles @ 499.50 = 499.50

Then, you must mail a money order for the $499.50 non-refundable preparation fee to:

Computer Bargain Store
2235 E. Marie Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Then, the total for the VIS system with the Preparation fee will equal $999

Also, in the "Comments" or "Ship to Instructions" section of the order form you MUST indicate that you agree that you will not dispute the credit card charge or try to do a chargeback FOR ANY REASON.

We hate to have to implement this harsh policy but these units actually distract us from focusing on the more profitable areas of our business at this point in time. The time we have to divert from other projects costs us nearly as much money as we make from these units so we cannot risk losing further on these due to shipping damage, buyer remorse, spontaneous hardware failure or any other reason. We really don't want to throw these nice systems in the garbage but we can't allow them to hurt our business either.

The preparation fees DO NOT apply to VIS software titles sold separately. The preparation fees only apply to the VIS player itself and package deals which include both software and a VIS unit. If you intend to order VIS software titles (or accessories) without an actual VIS console please just list the full price of the item on our order form as normal.
Orders for VIS software titles and accessories only are much easier for us to process and do not require any separate payment or preparation fee. It is only if a VIS console is part of your order that you need to divide the system (with included titles-- if any) price by 2 and have you pay half of it as a NON-REFUNDABLE preparation fee and agree not to dispute the charge or attempt a chargeback for any reason.

You may be able to find a better deal on Ebay. If you still want to order from us please feel free to do so but please email us first if you are wanting to buy a VIS console. However, be aware that these units often take us 2 or 3 days to dig out of storage and test and prepare for shipment.

If you order via PayPal the same rules apply.

Any VIS system order which does not comply with these rules will be refunded and cancelled.

Shipping is still included within the U.S. for orders totaling $45 or more and is considered to be part of the 50% of the price which is paid for the system hardware. So, if you do decide to send a unit back for a refund FOR ANY REASON you will end up losing the Preparation service fee of 50% plus another $85 to $95 probably as we deduct our shipping charges from the remainder to be refunded.

We value our reputation. We have been in business for over 37 years and have a great reputation. We hate to implement harsh policies like this. However, these units often take us 5 to 6 hours (or more) to retreive from storage, test and prepare for shipping so we can't afford to have customers buying these who aren't willing to share some of the risks with us. We rarely have any of these fail that tested good here before we shipped them. However, it does happen.

Also, because we package these very well before shipping them less than 5% of the 30 or 40 of these we have shipped during the past 26 years have been damaged during shipping. However, it does happen. There is no refund or insurance coverage on the preparation fee portion of the purchase if the package is lost, stolen or damaged.

This is the exact same 32 bit VIS interactive system that Radio Shack sold during 1994 for $400, but Radio Shack was only including 2 titles. Back then $400 would be equal to about $800 of today's weak dollars. The Radio Shack catalog number for this item was 16-376. We are selling the exact same unit for ONLY $999 NOW (continental U.S. shipping included) and WE WILL THROW IN 20 FREE CD INTERACTIVE TITLES. These same 20 titles from Radio Shack would have cost over $500 (in 1994 dollars which would be about $1000 more of today's dollars) just about twenty seven years ago! Or get the same machine with just 15 titles for only $979 (continental U.S. shipping included). Note: The VIS units we have remaining are in nice overall condtion but may have been display units and/or be slightly (but not greatly) blemished. They may also be slightly imperfect in some other way. We test the units before shipping them too.

FOR JUST $20 MORE YOU CAN GET THE COMPLETE COMPTON'S MULTIMEDIA ENCYCLOPEDIA (1992 version)! (Note: Most of the remaining Compton's CDs for the VIS are used and somewhat scratched. If we can't find one that is in quite good shape we will throw in a backup copy made from a flawless original to go along with the scratched original). ACT FAST SINCE AVAILABILITY AND PRICING ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Note: If you already have a VIS remote that works and don't need the included remote please let us know and we will deduct $40 from the price!

Many of the titles are interactive educational games for children! What an excellent way to encourage fun family learning! THIS IS AN IDEAL GIFT BECAUSE THE SEPERATE SOFTWARE PACKAGES need not be given all at once. The huge amount of software essentially covers your gift giving needs for a couple of years! Also included are several very nice game and reference works which can be enjoyed by ALL age groups. Most of the software is 1992-93 vintage. Virtually all of the remaining units we have are likely to have been lightly used-- and may have minor cosmetic blemishes. We are giving these units a 30 day guarantee (except for the previously mentioned preparation fee and our non-refundable shipping costs). Please instruct or surpervise younger children on how to care for and handle the CD disks properly. by holding the disks by the edges.

EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A COMPUTER WITH A CD-ROM DRIVE this unit is very desireable at this price because it can help you to keep younger children from tying up and possibly messing up your valuable PC configuration. Why fight over one computer and risk having your hard drive erased? Why buy an audio CD player when you can buy this interactive player which automatically plays audio disks (and comes with numerous free CD Rom titles) for the same price!

This Memorex VIS interactive system requires CD Rom titles designed specifically for this machine which are not usually interchangeable with IBM or any other CD Rom system. However, the unit can play all standard music CD disks!

We have many extra titles available for this system and we are hoping to be able to offer some ongoing support for many months for these units and will be buying, selling and trading this VIS merchandise in an effort to increase our selection.

We will select 15 or 20 free titles for you (depending on which package deal you choose). Then you may add other additional titles at the low prices listed below. The titles listed below may also be purchased seperately by those who already own a VIS player!

The following extra titles are available for $14 each or just $10 each if you buy 6 or more (free shipping on orders over $45 otherwise add $8): English, Electronic Cookbook, Learn the Guitar, Better Not Get Wet Jesse Bear, Word Challenge, Meeting of the Minds, Race the Clock, Astrology, Talking Stepping Stones, Healthy Cookbook (new in CD case only-- no box), Great Lives Biographical Series (in CD case only-- no box), The Night Before Christmas, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Title Sampler (copy), Rodney's Funscreen (apparently sold out).

The following are now $37 ea.: Sail with Columbus (opened used package), Survey of Western Art (used in original jewel case), Vampire's Coffin (new in CD case only-- no box), Great Lives Biographical Series (unopened retail package), Time Table of History: Arts and Entertainment (used in original jewel case), U.S. Presidents (in sealed box), Hosea Freeman's Environmental Mystery (email for availability).

The following are now $19 ea.: December 24th, Rick Ribbit's Early Learning (CD only in jewel case), Time Table of Business & Politics, Bible Lands and Stories, World Vista, Encyclopedia of Animals, Henry & Mudge First Book, Henry & Mudge Sparkle Days, Search for the Sea, U.S. Presidents (Opened. Possibly without box), Kid Fun ( sing along), Our House, German (Opened CD in original case but no box. Possibly used.).

Extra used remotes just $159. Save-it cartridges are $39. VIS user's manuals are just $27. Just Grandma and Me, Math Challenge, Wild Animals, Smart Kids Challenge, American Vista (Opened, possibly used CD in jewel case. No box.), Sherlock Holmes 1 (new in jewel case with documentation-- no box), Sherlock Holmes 2 (used CD with case but no box), Jesse Bear What Will You Wear (new CD in original CD case but no box), American Heritage Encyclopedic Dictionary, Manhole and Comptons 1992 Encyclopedia (may be used and scratched) are $34 each. New backup copies of the Compton's 1992 Encyclopedia CD are just $27 ea. but can only be purchased in conjunction with an original version. My Paint, America's Parks (sold out), The Family Multimedia Bible, Time Table of Science, and America in Space (open used scratched original CD only-- no original packaging) are $42 ea. Add $10 extra for non-original backup copy of America in Space (only available when purchased with an original America in Space CD). The Links Golf game (may be open) is $44. Title sampler original CD (may be slightly scratched) $39.

The Time Almanac is sold out. Mosaic Magic and Fitness Partner are $27 each now. These three titles also work on IBM compatibles (with CD drives & some early versions of Windows such as Windows 3.1).

WE ALSO HAVE AN INCREDIBLE BUNDLE OF 15 INTERACTIVE STORYBOOK CD'S by Discis WHICH RUN ON BOTH THE VIS AND COMPUTERS WITH MICROSOFT WINDOWS 3.1 FOR AN UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICE OF JUST $79 FOR ALL 15 packages! This set includes the following titles: Cinderella, The Night Before Christmas, A Long Hard Day on the Ranch, Thomas' Snowsuit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Mud Puddle, The Paper Bag Princess, The Cask of Amontillado, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Scary Poems for Rotten Kids, The Necklace, Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache, The Tell-Tale Heart, Aesop's Fables and Heather Hits Her First Home Run. Helps develop reading skills. For children AND grown-ups!

For more information please contact us:
Computer Bargain Store
2235 E. Marie Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

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