Amazing Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope

This has got to be the learning tool/toy of the year! Incredible USB computer microscope. This is a newer version of the incredible QX3 microscope which we previously sold. Let your child's imagination run wild! With this amazing microscope children (and adults) can look at microscopic images magnified on a computer monitor with friends! Magnify images 10x, 60x and 200x! There's never been a microscope like this! For ages 6 and up!!! USB interface for easy connection! View specimens. Magnify objects. Take snapshots and time-lapse movies! Cut and paste images and manipulate them with drawing and painting tools. Share your discoveries via e-mail! Includes: QX5 Microscope and software, slides, tweezers, containment dishes and sample jars and eye dropper. Requires USB port and 200 mhz computer with Windows 98 or higher. New retail boxes.

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