"Protection in the Nuclear Age"

(Civil Defense Film transferred to Video DVD)

After Hurricane Katrina it is quite obvious that Uncle Sam and the Department of Homeland Security won't be able to help everyone during periods of great catastrophe. But this concise and short video DVD (which was transferred from a Civil Defense film from the late 1970's or early 1980's) may go a long ways toward helping you to know the basics of nuclear protection. Topics covered include:

The need for personal responsibility and preparedness

Likely targets of a nuclear attack

The warning signs of nuclear attack

The blinding flash of light, blast wave, heat wave and fallout

Coping with the immediate aftermath of a nuclear explosion

The effects of Radiation


Preparedness and supplies

Fallout Shelter Improvisation

and much more!

This simple animation presents (then reviews) the basics of these topics to reinforce these essential facts about nuclear preparedness. It is only 23 minutes long. The film this was transferred from was made prior to the time it became politically incorrect to discuss such matters so you may not see this kind of information readily available anymore.

Although somewhat outdated and despite having some brief sound track problems this short video may help you and your family to survive the growing threat of nuclear terrorism. The video quality of this DVD is decent but since this is a transfer from a film it is not as high quality as if it were done originally on a DVD.

Don't wait for Uncle Sam and the Department of Homeland Security! By the time they get around to preparing the public for nuclear terrorism it will probably be too late!

Note: We are supplying these on DVD-R or DVD+R disks which have been duplicated on a computer. These work on most new DVD players and on almost all DVD players built into computers (as long as you have software installed on your computer which supports the playing of video DVD disks). About 25% of the older DVD players may have compatibility problems playing these DVD disks. If you have an old DVD player or one which has difficulty playing DVD-R or DVD+R disks then you may want to get a newer or different model. If you prefer to have a DVD+R version please let us know, otherwise we will be shipping a DVD-R disk. You may want to order one of each just to increase your odds of success.

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