Mattel Children's Discovery System Cartridges


Each of the following are $7 ea. AS IS or $12 ea. with 30-day guarantee. We provide free shipping on continental U.S. orders totaling $45 or more. Orders totalling under $45 are automatically charged $8 for shipping and handling within the United States. The age recommendations are on the boxes so we have included the age recommendations for the items listed below which include boxes. The cartridges themselves don't indicate any age recommendation so no recommended age is available for the ones without boxes and documentation.

We aren't sure if these are used or new.


Here is the list of what we have available:


2 pcs. Spelling Fun (no box or Documentation)

6 pc. Foods (for ages 6 to 11) (open box with documentation)

2 pc. Fractions I (no box or documentation)

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

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