The Ultimate Etext Library: The Bootstrap

Over 20,000 books and other literary classics on 5 CD disks or 1 computer DVD for just $44! Shipping included within the continental U.S.

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A massive collection containing most of the classic books and literary works up to 1923. Includes a reader program for viewing and printing the texts. These texts can also be automatically unzipped and read on Internet Explorer. This set contains 5 complete Bible texts, Bible maps, 3 Korans, most major constitutional books and writings, law books, literary works, historical works, periodicals, educational classics (such as Shakespeare, Twain, Aesop, McGuffy, etc.). Many hard to find classics included. Also included are numerous video clips, book illustrations and some relevant music.
Please specify whether you want the CD version or the DVD version when ordering. If no preference is indicated we will ship you the CD version. Please note that the DVD version requires a computer with a computer DVD drive installed. It will not work on a regular computer CD drive or on a DVD player connected to a television.

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