Commodore 64C main board (refurbished and guaranteed)

Tired of trying to repair your Commodore 64c computer? Afraid of high repair costs or possible availability problems for the 64c in the future? Take advantage of this limited opportunity to purchase a professionally refurbished and tested Commodore 64c main board (revision C64E). Those of you who keep up on Commodore realize that the 64c was the newer more white-ish colored lower profile version of the Commodore 64 which came out in the mid to late 1980's.

This board is the narrower board for the 64c measuring 15.25" by 5.5". (Some of the earlier 64c machines had a larger full size Commodore 64 board.) This board doesn't fit well in the original Commodore 64 case or in the earliest 64c cases which facilitated the larger board. About one half or two thirds of all 64c computers use this smaller size board. This board has the NTSC composite video chip installed for U.S. televisions. There is a jumper on the board which can be cut to configure it for PAL (European) format but then you must install the appropriate PAL version video chip (see our listing of Commodore chips for more details). Note: The 8580 SID (sound) chip has been removed from its socket on these boards so you will need to put the sound chip from your old board into the empty socket before using these boards. You should be able to use either an 8580 SID chip or a 6581 SID chip. No power supply, case or keyboard included. Power supply available separately. Tested. 30 day guarantee.

Urgent: Before you order one of these boards to repair a failed 64c we strongly recommend that you open the failed unit and power it on for 10 or 15 minutes then feel the small 41464 ram chips located at U10 and U11 on the circuit board with your fingers. If these chips are warm or hot then there is a high likelihood that the power supply which you are using blew them out. We have found that a flakey Commodore 64 power supply is almost always the cause of blown out ram chips. If this is the case then you need to use a different power supply or the same thing will probably happen to the replacement board. You may order a power supply from us if necessary. We will not replace or refund 64c boards with blown out ram chips because the problem is entirely preventable. The problem is that a flakey power supply might seem to be working just fine for several minutes but then (when it gets to a certain temperature) it will send out high voltages that will damage the good circuit board's ram chips. So don't be fooled!

Also, keep static electricity away from these computers-- especially around the joystick ports. If you have static electricity from walking across dry carpet or from touching your TV or monitor screen and then you accidently touch one of the pins on the game port you will almost certainly blow out a 6526 CIA chip which will adversely affect the ability to use a joystick and/or the keyboard.

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