Commodore 1525, Radio Shack LPVII (LP-VII) and Gorilla Banana Printer Ribbon Information

Note: We received several dozen of these ribbons and they were too short to fit properly and since we have been unable to locate any more new ones at a good price we decided to reload these with the proper length ribbon of the exact same ribbon material and width. We found some thin nylon tape to strongly seam the ribbon together after reloading it but the short area where the nylon tape joins the two ends together (about 1/2" of the 26" loop ribbon) tends to print very lightly. The print quality will be more than adequate for program listings and data printouts, etc. but will probably not be adequate for professional presentations. Let's face it though (despite our love for the 1525 printer) if you need professional presentation quality you would probably be using another printer anyway!

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