Rare, Fascinating, and Miscellaneous Items
Various amazing devices, unusual gadgets, multi-platform accessories, hard-to-find and collector's items, Nintendo, Sony Play Station, Sega 8-bit games, etc.

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RCA WebTV and WebTV Plus keyboard model RT7W5XTW. $27 Replaces SWK-8640 and SWK-8630. New. No batteries included. Click here for price and more information.

Dish Network WebTV and WebTV Plus keyboard model RT7W5XTW. Replaces SWK-8640 and SWK-8630. Same as RCA WebTV keyboard of the same model mentioned below except that the function keys are a different color. New. Batteries included! Click here for price and more information.

RCA and Dish Network keyboard "clone" for WebTV and WebTV Plus. Model RT7W5XTW. Replaces SWK-8640 and SWK-8630. Same as RCA WebTV keyboard of the same model mentioned below except that the function keys are a different color and the decal is different. Also same as Dish Network keyboard mentioned above except for the decal. New. Batteries may or may not be included. Click here for price and more information.

Samsung WebTV keyboards model SWK-8640. Click here for price and more information.

Philips Magnavox SWK-8640 WebTV keyboards. Click here for price and more information.

Used Sony WebTV model INT-W100. Untested. No keyboard included (see Dish Network WebTV keyboard above for optional compatible keyboard if needed). No smart card included. Power cord IS included. SOLD

Philips Webtv Classic keyboard model # SWK-8630 for WebTV classic. Click here for price and more information.

Newcom WebPal. Essentially similar to a WebTV unit except you can use an independent dial-up internet provider rather than being locked in to the WebTV network. Important note: We only have a couple of these remaining and they have had the modem removed. You will need to find a compatible modem to use this item. Has standard TV video out, VGA out, S-video out and stereo audio outputs. Also has ps/2 mouse and keyboard inputs for using normal computer keyboard and mouse! Has parallel printer port and 33.6 modem built-in! Includes power adapter. No computer required to get on the internet! All you need is a television and a phone line! Also includes remote and wireless keyboard! Includes user's manual! New in retail box! $69 Shipping Included. Very limited quantity available.

Webeye for Philips Magnavox Webtv plus. Model number A972TA-A001. (used). $27

Utah Edition of Monopoly. New but slightly dented and/or blemished retail box. Official Parker Brothers USAopoly version. Our price just $44! (Please email for availability before ordering)

"From Edison to Eddie: Interesting and Amusing Essays from the Recording Media Veteran" by Jerry Ghinelli (formerly Maxell of America's Marketing and Product Manager for their Consumer Products Division). This fascinating book is a very interesting history of the evolution of recording devices and recording media. This book shows how many little (often improbable and not well-known) twists of fate intervened in the evolution of these products and devices which we have taken for granted as consumers. Highly interesting and highly recommended-- especially for retro-hobbiests and those with nostalgia for vintage electronics! $22 ea. Click here for more information.

Intermatic® Timers for security and energy savings at liquidation prices

Color Monitor for newer game systems, WebTV and older Commodore, Atari, and Apple 2 computers. Used Commodore composite color monitor. (May include 1701 or 1702 or 1802 model). Each unit is tested for 1 hour before shipping. Price includes Commodore 64/128 cable. Although these monitors were made during the mid 1980's they are very reliable and quite attractive though some may have minor case flaws or be missing the control panel door. By the way, these monitors also work great with WebTV, Nintendo and Sony game machines and VCRs! Has RCA-type video and audio input. Manufactured by Commodore. Please note: these monitors have comparable resolution to a standard television except they have less interference than those televisions which can only utilize a regular antenna input. call or email

DiscoFever mini Motion Lamp (Creative Motion Industries)

Incredible price on a 12.5" tall lava lamp. Easy to assemble. No batteries required. Plugs into any wall outlet. Groovy, glowing action. Watch blobs change shape, split apart and then join together again.


Portable Keyboard for Palm 3 or Palm 7 PDA by Eagle Touch. New. $17

Portable Keyboard for Palm III or Palm VII PDA by Adesso. New. $17

Portable Keyboard for Palm V series PDA by Eagle-Touch. New. $17

Portable Keyboard for Palm 5 series PDA by Micro Innovations. New. $17

Portable Keyboaqrd for Handspring Visor Prism/Pro/Neo Series PDAs by Eagle-Touch.. New. $17

Mini Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games Olympic Flags. Nice souvenir! Flag measures 6" x 4" and is on an 11" stick. $12

Duty of Intellectuals to Criticize Society by Sydney Harris

Dottie's miniature golf course in Salt Lake City. A recreational landmark!

Star Wars Episode I Incredible Cross-Sections (The Definitive Guide to the Craft of Star Wars: Episode 1) book. New, hardbound beautiful book by DK Publishing and Lucas Books. Written by David West Reynolds. Illustrated by Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore. Contains beautiful drawings of StarWars Episode 1 spacecraft. $17 ea. or just $16 ea. for 3+ copies!

Casio Digital Diary (model SF-2000-S) Large 12-letter and 12 number display! Telephone directory! Fax directory! Memo function! Redial function! Conversion function! Stores up to 533 items! Password protected secret function! 8 digit calculator! Two line alphanumeric 12 character + 24 number display! 42 key keypad! Approximately 7500 hours continuous operation battery life! Auto power-off after 6 minutes! New. $19

CD Style Data Bank with FM Radio by Oregon Scientific. Model: KO6003R. 100 Name Electronic Organizer w/an FM Radio! Memory Size: 3KB (after memory compression)
Applications: Telephone Directory (with NAME and PHONE NUMBER fields), Metric Conversion,Alarm Clock,Home/World Time,Clock mode w/12/24 format, Calculator w/memory,Secret mode w/password to prevent unauthorized access of data. 3 line LCD display,1st line displays characters,Other lines show digits. FM Radio features: Receiving band: 87.5 to 109 MHz, Auto station searching, Mono output. Stores Over 100 Friends' Telephone Numbers. Operates on two AAA batteries and one lithium button-cell battery (all included)
Earbud headphones are included for personal listening. New retail package. Incredible price! $17

Custom Texaco Race Car (1:64 scale die-cast Hot Wheels size) with free Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed CD-Rom racing game (Sampler Version). New. For ages 4+. Requires Windows 95 or 98 and 200 mhz processor or better. $36

AOLTV remote by Philips. New. Can be used as a universal remote control also. Originally came with the AOL TV set top internet boxes. You can set the remote to control up to 4 devices using the "TV", "VCR", "CABLE" and "SAT/AUX" buttons. $17 ea. or 2 for $29.

Gentner SWK-8650WLGEN keyboard. Part number SPR-536WL-GEN. Made by Sejin Electron Inc. Looks similar (but not identical to) some of the WebTV keyboards listed above. Uses Infrared IR to transmit to base unit. We are not sure if this keyboard is new or used but we guarantee it for 90 days anyway. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). $37

Eternal GU195 series GU195M natural gas water heater. See this link for details.

Used EGO self-propelled electric lawn mower for local (Salt Lake City, Utah) pickup only. We had this mower and used it for about 3 years. Mower itself worked fine last time we used in in 2021 but the battery was having problems and was quite expensive to replace so we ended up purchasing a different lawn mower. No longer available.

RSI Conference control center remotes. Appear to be new. Bulk packaged. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Manufactured in 1999. $37

Shure V-15 Type II Stereo 15 Dynetic cartridge. Obtained from dealer who has retired from business. We are not sure if this is new or not. We are also not sure if it is complete or not. There is definitely a cartridge included but I don't see a needle or stylus. I'm not sure if the needle/stylus was supposed to be a seperate purchase or not. We are computer experts not experts on old turntable stylus replacements. It has some mounting and connecting hardware included in its original box with instructions along with the cartridge. We are selling this AS IS for $57. No returns.

Worldtime travel calculator by Curtoons. Incredible digital world time clock featuring 16 time zones! Daily/Monthly calendar (perpetual calendar range from 1900 to 2099)!. Full function calculator! Travel alarm clock with 6 different wakeup melodies! Countdown timer with 99 hour 59 min 59 second max! Folding case. New in retail box but have been in storage for about 7 years or so. Batteries still have original tab in place to prevent batteries from draining while in storage but may be outdated anyway. Batteries not guaranteed. Suggested retail price $19.99. Our price just $17 ea!

Elgin Executive Ladies Gold Watch has small cz stones around the face of watch and matching silver trim in band. This beautiful new watch was purchased as a Christmas gift for a lady in late 2002 but the lady it was intended for cannot see it due to severe vision problems. Still in original box clearly marked with a suggested retail price of $225. 90 day guarantee. This same watch is typically sold at Ebay auctions for around $95 to $125 + shipping. Take this beautiful new watch from us for just $79 with free shipping included within the continental U.S.

New Pokemon Video tapes at discount prices!

Classic Cartoons on DVD at liquidation prices! Enjoy your favorite classic cartoon heroes for $6 per DVD or less! Choose from Popeye, Superman, Woody Woodpecker, Betty Boop, Casper and Mighty Mouse! Click above link for details.

Used Sega Genesis game machine. Has 3 controllers, power supply and television connector. Untested. May or may not work. AS IS. $69

Click here to see listing of Coleco Adam hardware and software. Books, ribbons and daisy wheels also available.

Click here to see listing of Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer items, software and accessories.

Cell Antenna (Auxillary Flat Cell Phone Antenna). Flat antenna with adhesive backing attaches directly to cell phone. Works with any cellular phone. Reduces static and improves reception in buildings, elevators, tunnels, etc. Average life span of 18 months. AS SEEN ON TV. Retails for 19.99! call or email for price and availability

Singing Christmas Fish (Okkaido) Amazing animated singing fish mounted on wall hangable plaque. This incredible fish sings "Jingle Bells" and "Up on the Housetop". Motion sensor activates the fish when someone walks nearby to surprise them with its "fishy" singing! Realistic looking fish even has a Santa hat and Christmas bell for decoration. Head, tail and mouth all move to the beat of the music! Ideal gift for the avid outdoorsman! Includes AC power adapter and can also work from 4 "C" batteries. New. Very limited quantities. $59

News Catcher (The First Wireless multimedia news receiver!) $49 New.

MetaSound PromoCast DDL digital audio message player. Used. Model number MS-2000. No cables, manual or power supply included. 30 day guarantee. $69

BSR MB1000 modem buffer. Marketed by DAK liquidators as a "modem answering machine". These BSR MB-1000 modem buffers require Hayes compatible modems and are a unique older vintage product. Collectors may be intrigued by this device. $69 New.

BSR System X-10 TR2700 Telephone Responder with Remote Transmitter. $67 New

Syquest SparQ 1.0 GB removable disk external drive. Used. Includes 2 disks, power supply, cables and installation software. Untested. This set of items may be purchased AS IS for $65 or with a 30 day guarantee for $80.

Rare Commodore brand 12" TTL monochrome monitor for old PCs with 9 pin video connector. Used. Tested. Email for Price and Availability

Mediavision Reno CD drive (new). Very portable older style SCSI CD drive. These units are missing the SCSI adapter module but can be used as a portable music CD player or as a replacement CD-rom drive for someone who already has the SCSI adapter module. $62

Mediavision Reno CD drive (used). Very portable older style SCSI CD drive. This used unit has the SCSI adapter module included and can also be used as a portable music CD player. Uses batteries or AC adapter (not included). SCSI cable required (not included). AS IS PRICE: $72. Tested and Guaranteed Price: $92

Liquidation Speakers Very nice sounding pair of Philips Magnavox speakers model 3860. The only drawback of these speakers is that they need 4 AA batteries or a 6 volt DC power supply (not included). $32

Zon Jr Plus (Verifone) credit card swiper device. No power supply. Untested. AS IS $44

Tranz 330 (Verifone) Used credit card swipe device. No power supply. Untested. AS IS $44

9' Stereo Patch cords (has two RCA male connectors on each end). $7

40" Stereo Patch cords (has two RCA male connectors on each end). $5

Sony Data Discman (portable electronic book player). Made in early to mid 90's. call or email

GE Wireless Phone Jack System Model GE920 and GE926. Used set of wireless phone jack modules. Modules utilizes regular 110v power outlets to transmit phone signal from one module to the other module eliminating the need to run phone lines throughout your house. Easy to use. Uses regular modular phone connectors. No instructions included. $44

Universal MacInker for Star NX-1000. An amazing device for re-inking old printer ribbons. Used. No ink or user manual included. We assume that this is complete but we are not certain. We assume that it works but don't have the time to test it. Photo shows manual and some extra parts that are not included with this unit. SOLD

Universal MacInker for Okidata Microline 293 or 294. An amazing device for re-inking old printer ribbons. Used. No ink included. We assume that this is complete but we are not certain. We assume that it works but don't have the time to test it. SOLD

Guardian GFCI Plug-In adapter by Woods. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protects people from electrical shock by automatically detecting leakage of electricity and shutting down the circuit within 1/40th of a second. New. Retail packaging. $37

Hard Drive Bible (book). Mid to late 1990's version. Has settings, parameters, etc. for old hard drives. New. $44

CD holder caddies for old CD drives. These CD caddies are like a cartridge that you place the CD into prior to inserting the CD into some older style CD drives. See the CD caddies listed in the CDTV section.

NEC CD caddies. Only 2 available of these slightly different style CD cartidge caddies. Aparently these NEC style CD caddies are different from most other CD caddies. $14 ea.

Novelty FM radio looks like a miniature computer! Autoscanning feature! Uses 3 AA batteries. $29

Mattel Children's Discovery System cartridges. Click here for listing

Used Dauphin DTR-1 accessories. Click here for listing of Dauphin Items.

ACER touch tone telephones. New. Charcoal gray color. $27

Kodak DC4800 Accessory pak. This assortment of items for the Kodak DC 4800 camera includes: User's Guide, Camera Neckstrap, USB cable, video cable, 16 mb picture card and battery. All items appear to be new but we are not completely sure. We assume the battery is new but are selling it AS IS at this price. $42 for everything!

Used external SCSI CD rom drive by La Cie Limited. This unit uses a 12x Toshiba drive. Uses the old style 25 pin to 50 pin cable (included). These units are untested. $44 AS IS or $65 with a 30 day guarantee. Add $5 if you need a terminator.

Toshiba T200CS/80 System (Pen Based Notebook) with power adapter. Used. Tested. Battery doesn't hold a charge very well but unit works well with power adapter. $99

Magnavox CDD 461 CDrom drive. Used. Old external style CDD-461 CD drive. Complete, but may need to have drivers located. Call or email for more information regarding this CDD461 drive. Sold

Limited number of used Bernoulli 90 and 44 disk cartridges available. $29 ea!

Limited number of used Bernoulli 230 disk cartridges available for just $32 ea!

daVinci palm-size folding keyboard for Royal daVinci Organizer. Includes vinyl carrying case. Plugs directly into the daVinci PDA (not included) or the daVinci docking cradle (not included). Model KB2000. New in box! Sold Out.

"In the Words Of..." Inspirational Messages from America's Heroes (Book) by George W. Shaffer (Introduction by Gerald R. Ford). This incredible book from the late 1970's is a collection of motivational letters written by famous American leaders, heroes, and celebrities directed to Boy Scouts telling them the importance of character and values. Each letter from a famous individual includes a photograph and printed autograph or signature. Includes former Presidents, movie stars, sports heroes, astronauts, congressmen, comedians, musicians, artists, religious leaders and more! Slightly outdated but a "must have" classic for collectors, motivators, and nostalgia buffs. 129 pages. (Approximately 60 heroes included). New. $69

"Make a Treat With Wheat" Excellent Best Selling Classic wheat preparation book by Hazel Richards. Ideal for those who have food storage for emergencies. New, but may be slightly imperfect. $27 ea.

"Protection in the Nuclear Age" video DVD-R disk (or DVD+R disk upon request). This is a transfer of an old (late 1970's or early 1980's) 16mm civil defense film discussing things you need to know to survive a nuclear attack. Although somewhat outdated the civil defense film this was transferred from was produced before the time when it became politically incorrect to discuss such matters so you may find this information is not readily or as concisely available elsewhere. Despite being only 23 minutes long this simple animation covers some critical and important facts about nuclear preparedness and survival. With the growing threat of nuclear terrorism this information may save you or your family. Urgent: Click here for more information before ordering! $25 per copy.

"Depression Symptoms of Circulatory Origin" Click Here for free access to this interesting article on the misdiagnosed and undiagnosed and poorly understood causes of certain types of depression.

"How Property Taxes and Property Seizures are Destroying America" 1983 booklet. Only 14 pages long. This booklet speculates that destruction of property rights creates incentives and disincentives which lead to a host of social ills including crowding, civil defense and terrorist vulnerability, pollution, energy shortages, high crime rates and economic woes. Cover price is only 50 cents but due to scarcity we are selling these for $9 ea. Limited quantity available.

"For the People" (Rodale Publishing) Tremendous book edited by Kevin Ireland shows 1,608 Ways to utilize the government system to save money and get the help you need! New. Cover price $19.95. Our price $27

Special Delivery -- The Amazing Basketbal Career of Karl Malone (1999. Addax Publishing Group) by Clay Latimer. Book. A powerful story about a powerful basketball player who had a great career for the Utah Jazz. New. Cover price $14.95. Our price $29

L.D.S. Scripture Word Search Puzzle Book. 70 fun-filled Biblical, Book of Mormon and other LDS wordsearch puzzles. Interesting and uplifting. Historical, and inspirational puzzles. A great missionary tool. A fun, non-threatening way to learn about Mormon beliefs. Ideal for shut-ins those recovering from illness or personal loss. $9

Living Scriptures Music Video (VHS). Music video tapes containing a collection of the inspirational animated music from the popular and beautifully done L.D.S. and Biblical Living Scriptures series. NEW. Choose from: "Miracles of Love" Music Video (New Testament), Animated Stories from the Bible Music Video, Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon Music Video, Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon Music Video #2, or Animated Hero Classic Music Video. $9 each

The Bible ...In the Beginning (VHS). Classic 1966 movie featuring an incredible cast including Richard Harris, George C. Scott, Ava Gardner, Peter O'Toole and many more. 20th Century Fox Production. A masterpiece depicting some of the greatest stories from the Old Testament. Featuring the creation, Noah and Abraham. New retail package. 171 minutes. Color. $27

Collectible! L.D.S. programs for the Commodore Vic-20. Could this be the oldest Latter-day Saint commercially marketed software program? This is a new cassette tape in its original and unopened retail package copyrighted 1983! Program teaches spelling and math with an LDS theme! Apparently sold already.

Shredded Secrets from the White House (Official Souvenir of the 1986 Iran-Contra Cover-Up). Serial numbered and framed momento containing a visible capsule of actual authentic shreddings from the White House West Wing. These shreddings were preserved by an anonymous member of the National Security Council. On the back of this framed souvenir is "The Oliver North Story" which proclaims Ollie North as a "National Hero". $52

Souvenir brick from the old Wasatch Junior High school building in Salt Lake City.

Note: About mid 2005 Wasatch Jr. High school in Salt Lake City burned down from a devastating fire. This was (and still is) one of the greatest Junior High Schools ever. Although it has been rebuilt there are many fond memories of thousands of students who attended this wonderful building for a period of about 50 years. For those wanting a piece of the history of Wasatch Junior High School here is a unique relic. An actual brick from the original building which burned down. Guaranteed by us to be absolutely genuine! Only a few of these bricks are available. $44 ea.

JetSet Travel Care Kit. Small little carrying case comes with many travel essentials included such as: a battery powered digital alarm clock (with snooze feature), hand wipes, spot remover, lint brush, air pillow, dental floss, bandaids, shoe polishers, ear plugs, eye covers (for sleeping in bright rooms), and more. Incredible price and portability for this many handy travel items. $29

Sing 'N Jam children's sound amplifier with special sound effects, flashing lights, microphone, microphone stand and voice-changer control by Radio Shack (Part # 60-1225). New retail box! With Sing'N Jam your child can be a Star! Sold Out.

Radio Shack PCMCIA to CF Adapter (RadioShack part number 25-936). $19 ea. or 2 for just $32! Easily converts a CF (CompactFlash) card for use in a PCMCIA type II slot. Use on any notebook or desktop PC equipped with a PCMCIA slot. New.

Radio Shack Foreign Travel Voltage Converter (RadioShack part number 273-1412). Used. $37 AS IS or $44 with 30 day guarantee. Only 1 available. Converts foreign electricity 220/240 VAC to standard US 110/120 VAC. Has built-in plug adapters which fit the most common plug configurations found in Europe, the Middle East, England, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Thailand. Documentation included.

Radio Shack 8mmBrush Camcorder cleaner and dehumidifier. New. (RadioShack part number 44-1204). Advanced brush technology cleaning cartridge safely cleans your 8mm camcorder. Prevents tape damage. $29

Understanding Digital Computers by Forrest M. Mims, III (book) by Radio Shack. Used. Good condition. Radio Shack catalog number 62-2027. Vintage 1978 book printed during the TRS-80 era. Sold.

Brother P-Touch Electronic Labelling system model RPT 85 (Factory Refurbished). $44
(P Touch model RPT-85)

Brother P-Touch Electronic Labelling system model RPT 310 (Factory Refurbished). $59
(P Touch model RPT-310)

Cross Townsend DigitalWriter EL582 PDA Pen. New. In original box. $42

Demon Attack cartridge game for the Odyssey 2 computer. SOLD.

Tandberg carrying case. New carrying case from the late 1960's or early 1970's. This carrying case has been in its unopened shipping box for decades. We just opened it in 2008 to inspect it. It is in new condition (never used) despite its age. Apparently designed for old Tandberg reel-to-reel tape recorders. Has locking latching top with 4 latches. Looks somewhat like an old style suitcase or breifcase. Has some foam padding inside (strategically placed primarily for protecting Tandberg designed equipment). May also be useful for carrying other electronic or computer equipment. Includes original unused keys. Approximately 17" x 7" x 13.5" exterior dimensions. $79. Continental U.S. shipping included.

GE Personal Memo Recorder model 2-9840 Older style voice recorder. Records up to 80 seconds of messages without tapes. New retail package. $44

Home Message Center model HMC-4 (Command Communications) Wall or desk mount electronic message center with 4 mailboxes and photo frame for customizing. Records messages to microchip with the push of a button. Up to 40 seconds of recording time for each mailbox. New retail box. $39

O.J. Simpson Video Football Card (Greatest Sports Legends) video tape. Used collector's video tape in good condition. Narrated by Michael Jordan. 1990 product. $44

Max 50 50 mhz frequency counter (Global Specialties and E&L Instruments). Used unit with probe clip. No documentation. Guaranteed! $44

Defective Sony Playstation (original style). No controllers or cables or games included. Sold for parts only. Not returnable. $44

TRS-80 model MC-10 Micro Color Computer (used) No cables or power supply included. $99

Tandy Color Computer 2. Used. Nice condition. Has original box. Computer is in nice condition but box isn't in great shape. Includes manuals, TV hookups and cassette recorder adapter. SOLD. Shipping included within the continental U.S.

Dust cover for Radio Shack Color Computer. New brown vinyl cover in retail box. Apparently for original Color Computer because label on box just indicates for Radio Shack Color Computer. Sold Out

Unmouse touchpad, keypad and graphics tablet all in one! (MicroTouch) (used). Has disks and manual. $39 call or email for availability before ordering

Memorex 6-outlet surge suppressor (Wall Mount) 6 outlet surge suppressing wall mount power tap. EMI/RFI filtering reduces static. Full surge suppression. Indicator lights for surge and ground. Memorex part number 3202-2768. New in retail box. $12

Unimount vent mount kit (Revolv) Convenient automobile mounting bracket for older Pilot, PalmPilot, WorkPad and PalmIII devices. Bracket easily and securely connects to vents on all major cars. New in retail box. $32

ServerJet (ASP) Printer Sharing card for HP LaserJet (used). Has manual, box and 5.25" disk. $42

Modula-2 Programming (Hayden) Used book. A complete introduction to Modula-2 for the novice and experienced programmer alike. Includes more than 125 program examples. By Ian Kaplan and Mike Miller. $34

Programming in Modula-2 Second Edition(Springer-Verlag) Used book by Niklaus Wirth. $12

Baffling Bible questions Answered (book) (Testament Books) by Larry Richards. New hardbound book provides 735 authoritative answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Old and New testaments. $39

Stereo Speaker System (Juster) Attractive Juster multimedia stereo speakers system for computers or other application. Model AT-95B. Sells online for up to $40 elsewhere. 2 channel stereo amplifier. 480 Watts (P.M.P.O.). Full range response. Treble, Bass, Volume and Power controls! email for availability

Stereo Headset with Boom Microphone Attractive stereo headphones with noise cancelling condenser microphone. For computer or other application. Features in-line volume control. New retail package. Audioworks model BHP-11NCV or BHP-11NCU. $14

Stereo Headphones Attractive stereo headpones. For computer or other application. Features in-line volume control. New retail package. Juster model MP-017. $15

Omnidirectional Microphone
Omnidirectional multimedia microphone for computer or other application. Sun model SUN-MIC118. $17

Acer Aspire Quick Start User's Guide User's Guide only. No software included. Copyright 1995. Good condition. $37

Acer Aspire System & Monitor User's Guide User's Guide only. No software included. Copyright 1995. Good condition. $39

miniature microphones Small clip-on lapel microphones. Made by Compaq. $13

Royal SE5010 typewriter (defective) Royal SE-5010 typewriter. Made by Adler. Appears to have bad power transformer or some other power-related problem. Sold AS IS. No return on this item. $79

Rain Bird RC-4Bi automatic sprinkler controller (defective parts unit) Rainbird RC-4Bi automatic sprinkler controller. Defective. Sold for parts only. No return. Timer removed from service due to the fact that the rotating dial wouldn't rotate during watering. Will rotate at faster rate when rotating to first zone but then won't advance so water keeps running on first zone. Used power supply and manual included. Sold AS IS. $39

1979 Ford & Mercury Do-It-Yourself Repair Manual (Ford) Used concise guide to many simple repairs and maintenence procedures for 1979 Ford and Mercury automobiles. $44

1979 Ford Owner's Manual (Ford) Used owner's manual from 1979 Ford LTD. $44

ALIEN RESURRECTION Your planet has been over run by aliens, now your only hope is to destroy them before they destroy you. Rated M for Mature For Playstation. Good condition    $24.00

NFL Gameday 98  A high energy hard hitting football game. For Playstation. Good condition   $22.00

MARIO'S Time Machine  Go back in time with your favorite video game hero and search for things from our past. For Nintendo apparently sold already

GameShark for Nintendo 64  Used GameShark cartridge for Nintendo 64. No documentation. Use cheats to win easier! sold

AstroPad controller for the Sega Dreamcast. New in box with Bonus Tremor-Pak. Color may vary. $22 ea. or 2 for $40.

Used Sega Game Gear cartridges. Click here to see list.

Sega 8 bit games: Zaxxon 3-D, or Missile Defense 3-D $17 ea.

Used Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games: Super Mario Brothers with Duck Hunt just $22; Double Dribble Basketball (Konami) $19; Top Players Tennis (Asmik) $19. All cartridges have been tested and are guaranteed!

Intellivision direct to TV 10 video game system. Incredible retro game pad has 10 classic Intellivision games built in the game pad. Connects to video and audio inputs of television set. Nothing else required except batteries! New retail package. $44 (Made by Techno Source)

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