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Before placing your order we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our ordering procedures, shipping policies, ordering details, end-user license information,
return policy and product guarantee, and technical support.


Secure Online Ordering


Please note: We have a newer and more secure online ordering system which now lets you pay easily with PayPal or with regular credit cards.

The vast majority of all products listed on our website are in stock at the prices shown. We are quite diligent at keeping our website up-to-date. Despite this we still recommend that those planning to order a lot of merchandise should
email us before ordering to make sure that we have the product(s) available in the quantities required. Also, please be careful to enter the proper address and zip code. Extra shipping charges may be added later to orders where improper address information results in additional forwarding or return expenses.
Most orders are shipped within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays. Normal U.S. shipping is done using Priority Mail service. Heavier items or packages may be shipped via USPS or UPS Ground Services which are usually somewhat slower. Priority Mail usually arrives within 2 or 3 business days to most parts of the United States.
If ordering from outside of the U.S. please email before ordering for more instructions.

Also, please read notes 1 & 2 below.

 Note #1. Shipping is $8 for most U.S. orders totaling under $45. We normally cover U.S. shipping on orders totaling $45 or more. Our normal shipping method is Priority Mail although heavier items may be shipped via UPS or USPS Ground Services which are usually somewhat slower. If you are ordering from outside of the U.S. or if in Alaska or Hawaii and ordering larger and/or heavier items please review our Alaska, Hawaii and International Order Information and International Return Policy first then email us to determine the shipping charge for your order and obtain additional ordering instructions. Orders shipped outside of the U.S. may (at our option) be shipped via First Class Mail or some other fairly slow economy shipping method unless otherwise arranged with the buyer prior to the order being placed.

Shipping which is automatically calculated for international orders is based on standard sized items of typical weight. Heavier items being shipping outside of the United States may require more shipping. We will contact you if the item(s) you are ordering will require more than what is automatically shown on the payment page. Likewise, we may refund part of the shipping for internationally ordered items which are significantly lighter and/or smaller than normal
 Note #2. Almost all of our products are usually available at the listed prices. However in RARE INSTANCES some products and prices may be unavailable or subject to price change. If an item isn't available or if the price has gone up we will notify you and offer a refund or allow you to pay extra if the price has gone up if you wish to pay the extra amount.

We recommend that you try to place your order online if possible. If you have questions about something we urge you to email us with your questions if possible. If you urgently need to talk to us on the telephone please email your phone number to us along with the best time to call you so that we can reach you if appropriate.

Make sure to provide an email address and/or phone number where we can reach you if we have a problem processing your order. Please make sure that you enter the correct total for the item(s) which you want. If you want us to send a PayPal money request to you please email us with a listing of the item(s) which you want along with the quantities and your location so that we can create a PayPal money request for you.

Those wishing to send an order through the mail may print out our Off-line order Form to fill in.

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