CDTV software and CD-32 software, hardware, games and accessories. Most of the software for CDTV will also work on the CD32 game machine and Amiga 500 (with optional Amiga 570 CD rom drive) or other compatible configuration.

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

Name and Description with Price

Used CDTV with original CDTV remote and caddy. Good condition. Sold

Functional CDTV as above, with remote. Genlock installed instead of TV out. (Has Amiga RGB composite & s-video out) (no genlock software included.) call or email

CDTV Remote. Original Replacement remote for Commodore CDTV system. No batteries included. Used. Please email for price and availability before ordering.

Repair chips for CDTV. See Amiga chip listing.

CD-32 Game System. Call or email for availability and pricing.

CD-32 games. Call or email for availability and pricing.

Welcome CD original CD. (Interactive disk explains how to use the CDTV and tells about available software and accessories)  $37 Used. Might be noticeably scuffed or scratched but guaranteed to work.

Welcome CD backup copy   $12

CDTV Genlock (for overlaying video titles on VCR action). Now you can overlay your home videos with titles and graphics using your Commodore CDTV! Used but in originial box and guaranteed! Includes genlock CD software (demo) disk as described below. This card can also be used to replace a failed video output card on a CDTV machine which may be causing your CDTV to not have a picture. Has composite input and output as well as S-video output. This item has an NTSC composite output and may not be suitable for European PAL monitors and telvisions or European video recording systems. Sold Out.

CDTV Genlock software & demo CD copy without hardware. Tells how to install the CDTV genlock and provides simple information and software for overlaying video titles on VCR action. This is for those who already have the genlock card mentioned above. $15

CDTV Video card (with RF output). Same as originally came with CDTV. Has RF output, composite video output and S-video output. Used. Email for price and availability.

CDTV monitors available. Please see Commodore and Amiga listings for details.

CDTV keyboard. Used. Original black CDTV keyboard in good condition. Sold.

Amiga 2000 Keyboard. Please check our Amiga listing for availability or call or email for price and availability.

CDTV mouse. Used black original mouse for CDTV. Good condition. SOLD

CDTV brickette. Used. Allows you to use a regular Commodore or Amiga joystick on a CDTV system. Also allows you to use a regular Amiga mouse on a CDTV system. Good condition. SOLD OUT

New Amiga mouse (works on Amiga and on CDTV with brickette). See Amiga section for current price.

Used External Floppy Drive for CDTV. See Amiga floppy drives.

CDTV troubleshooting information. Click here.

Parnet Cable for networking CDTV with other Amiga. Call or email for price

Parnet Client and Host disks (required for networking) Call or email for price

Asimware SCSI CD rom drivers for Amiga. Used. $44

CD caddies! These CDTV caddies (also referred to as CD cartridges or CD holders) also fit many other older CD drives. If you've been having a hard time finding a caddy for your CDTV get one now while you still can! These are white, off-white or gray. No black caddies available. These used caddies may have small labels on the bottom and side from previous application. Click camera below to view photograph of sample caddies. Used caddies just $17 ea.

9' Patch Cord 9' Stereo Patch cord (has two RCA male connectors on each end). $9 ea.
40 inch patch cord 40" Stereo Patch cords (has two RCA male connectors on each end). $7 ea.

CDTV Software:
Many of these CDTV titles may also work on the CD32 but will not utilize all of the capabilities of the CD32

Wrath of the Demon - Exciting Adventure game with graphics and fantasy.$32

Lemmings (very exciting and addictive arcade game). May be used. $32

Sim City (Maxis) for CDTV Used. Good condition. SOLD

Advanced Military Systems (Great Multimedia review of U.S. & Soviet weapons..) $27

Classic Board Games (Chess, Backgammon and Checkers) for CDTV (Merit Software). Used. Good condition. Sold

CDTV burn-in test CD version 2. $22

My Paint (Excellent multimedia painting program for kids). May be used. $22

CD Remix (The D.J. in a box) New. $22

MindRun The mind-teasing game that stretches your brainpower. Used. Good condition. $27

The Curse of RA (Rainbow Arts) for CDTV. Used. Good condition. $39

Logical (Rainbow Arts) Used CDTV game. Good condition. $39

Snoopy The Case of the Missing Blanket for CDTV. Backup copy only. Not an original CD. Note: You must alread own an original of this CD in order to legally use the backup copy. $35

A Bun for Barney. Used children's educational CDTV game. For ages 3 to 6. $27


All Dogs Go to Heaven EXCITING CDTV PRODUCT used $22

Barney Bear Goes to School (Fun pre-school & early school educational experiences for children) $27 new or $22 used.

Barney Bear Goes Camping. Used children's educational CDTV game. For ages 2 to 6. $27

Fun School 3 (Eight different preschool activities) $19

Excellent Interactive Storybook Titles: NEW LOWER PRICES!
Cinderella, Mud Puddle, Peter Rabbit, Moving Gives me a Stomach ache, Thomas's Snowsuit $17/ea.

Grolier's electronic encyclopedia (1993 copyright) version for CDTV and CD32. Used. Good condition. $29

Grolier's 21 volume electronic encyclopedia 1991 version (may be used.) $19

American Vista for CDTV. A multimedia U.S. Atlas! Open but appears to be new. $27

CDPD About 650 of the Fred Fish Amiga shareware collection along with other public domain & shareware $37

Fish Market CDTV shareware and public domain CD. $29

Time Table of History, Business & Politics (excellent)   $29

New Basics Electronic Cookbook with recipes from the Acclaimed Silver Palate Series (Xiphias). CDTV version. Used. Good condition. $29

CDTV Bible CD call or email

NOTE: Most of these CDTV disks also run on the CD32 game machine! Many of these programs have incredible features such as excellent graphics, sound effects, voice, searching features, on screen definitions, huge amounts of information (up to 670 megabytes per disk) and foriegn language capabilities!

If you see something that you like we strongly recommend that you get it as soon as possible to insure availability. These titles are in high demand and some are in scrace supply!

The CDTV also runs some of the new CD32 games! Don't forget the huge number of Amiga floppy programs which we have that work on the CDTV with an external floppy and/or keyboard. Remember: orders under $45 must add $8 for U.S. addresses. Additional shipping is required for locations outside of the United States. Contact us for shipping if ordering from outside of the United States.

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