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How to know if you have purchased genuine Turbotax and H&R Block Tax Software:

Auction websites and other websites (except Intuit's and H&R Block's official websites) which provide downloadable tax software are almost always dealing in illegitimate and unlicensed (illegal) software. Please don't support organized crime and terrorism by supporting these illicit software distributors. Illegal use of licensed software can result in criminal prosecution of the user.

Since the official Turbotax website only offers the previous four or five years it is easy to end up falling for counterfeit software.

When you see online sources for old tax software that have all old CD versions from 1996 to the present year at about the same price you should be highly suspicious because some of the old CD versions of genuine Turbotax and H&R Block tax software for certain prior years are very difficult to find whereas some of the years are much easier to find. That is why you will see dramatic price differences for these programs on our website. If we get them cheap we can sell them cheap. If we need to pay a high price then your price may be higher also. Counterfeiters, on the other hand, can produce or download any year for about the same price.

Counterfeiters can also do color printing on the CD which may look quite professional. Often, however, when you turn a counterfeit Turbotax or H&R Block tax CD over you can tell that it was produced on someone's home CD recorder because there will be a slightly different tint near the center than at the edges of the CD. These different tinted concentric rings are indicative of where the home CD burner finished burning the CD data. Genuine Intuit CDs are not made with home CD recorders (burners) and the entire bottom surface of a genuine Turbotax or H&R Block tax CD will have the same tint.

The important issue is that if the software is counterfeit or downloaded from an unauthorized source then it is not officially licensed. Using unlicensed software is illegal and can result in criminal prosecution. Also, if the software is counterfeit or unlicensed there is no guarantee from the manufacturer for the accuracy of the calculations and no audit support-- a feature of some of the newest versions. The license for genuine CD versions of Turbotax and H&R Block tax software is on the CD so if the CD is counterfeit then the license is counterfeit and illegal.

We urge you to support those of us who play by the rules.

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