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We are looking to buy certain items at liquidation prices. We are a serious buyer if we find the right items at the right prices! If you know of such surpluses please email or fax us with a list and/or information so that we may contact you.

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We are now giving cash or credit for:

We need Microsoft MS Dos 6.22 (OEM or retail version) in quantity. We are also looking for MS Dos 6.22 preinstall licenses. Will also consider combination packages having both Windows 3.11 (or Windows 3.1) with MS Dos 6.22. Must be new and genuine and include printed license and certificate of authenticity. We may pay up to $15 or $20 ea. if you have exactly what we want. We want big quantities. Don't call or email if you have fewer than 5 pieces.

Wanted: Blank 3.5" DSDD floppy disks. Must be new. We also need 5.25" DSDD floppy disks periodically. All must be new.

Wanted: Old versions of Turbo Tax in quantity. Must not be used.

Wanted: Intermatic® timers and other security and energy saving devices and timers at liquidation prices.

Wanted: Commodore 64 and 64c computers in good (working) condition. 1750, 1764, and 1750 clone Ram Expanders. 1581 3.5" drives for Commodore. 128D computer keyboards. New and used Commodore 64 power supplies. New Commodore 6581 SID sound chips also wanted. Big Blue Reader software (by SOGWAP Software) for Commodore also wanted. New 5 1/4" disk notchers wanted. $ call

Wanted: New Amiga computer mouses (in quantity) and new 23-pin Amiga monitor cables (in quantity).

Used Commodore and Amiga monitors (and Commodore and Amiga- compatible Magnavox monitors) wanted from local Utah customers only please.

Wanted: New WebTV keyboards (in quantities) at wholesale prices. Primarily interested in Philips (Magnavox) SWK-8640 and Samsung SWK-8640 keyboards as well as RCA model RT7W5XTW.

We are also interested in purchasing or taking trade-ins of other specific items.

Please do not send us anything without calling or faxing first to find out the current value of the item and the conditions involved in the transaction! Wanted items subject to change without notice.

Contact us now via email.

REMEMBER: Because we are seeking these items in order to sell them at a profit we must get them at a very low price. You easily might get more money than we can offer by selling them yourself. However, we offer fast money and will save you the cost of advertising and may be more convenient to many of you.

Used items received by us will be tested. We have been in business for over 20 years and have a reputation for honesty. We do honor our commitments. However, any defects found may result in a deduction from the amount which we will pay or credit you.

We usually will give about 10-20% more in credit than in cash.

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