In order to increase your chances of getting a reply please read the email tips below before you email us. If you have already read the tips below and are using Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Communicator you may click here to email us. If you are using a web-based email service please email us at

Tips to follow when emailing us at

#1. Due to spam problems and spam filters which may be used by us and by your internet service provider there is a chance that we will not get your message or that you will not get our return message due to erroneous spam filtering. We recommend (if you don't get a response to an inquiry from us within 24 hours) that you try emailing us again or calling or writing us. If you have emailed us already a second time after not getting a reply to your first inquiry and still do not get a response then you must call us, fax us or write us a letter because there is a very high probability that some technical problem or spam filtering is keeping one of us from getting the other's message. We only reply to phone message about once every week or so.

#2. If you are inquiring about something which we do not have then we may chose to not reply. We get dozens of inquiries every month for products which we do not have and cannot get. We may be able to special order some items but this is unlikely if the dollar value is under $50 or over $5,000.

#3. If you are wanting to sell us something and you do not get a reply it is probably because we do not need what you are offering. If you have emailed us twice already and haven't received a response then we probably do not need what you are selling. You may want to see if we are actively seeking the item(s) you are trying to sell by reviewing the list of items which are wanted by us. If you see the item(s) which you have as being wanted by us then you may want to call us or fax us. Otherwise you are probably wasting your time and ours.

#4. Please don't send any attachments with your email message unless you specifically indicate the contents of your attachment. We usually delete all messages containing attachments without ever opening the attachment (due to the high risk of viruses residing in attachments) unless it is clearly some matter which seems credible to us and is specifically pertinent to our business.

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