New Amiga 2.04 kickstart chip price and installation information

New Amiga 2.04 kickstart chips just $39. Some of these chips may be pre-jumpered as per below. If you don't need the chip to be jumpered merely cut the jumper wire.


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Step 1: Note the orientation of the previously installed kickstart chip which should be marked as 315093-01 or 315093-02. Remove this previously installed chip using a small blade screwdriver, IC extraction tool (if available), or similar tool

Step 2: There are several different revisions of the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 boards.

The revision number for the Amiga 500 computers is in the front right corner of the board. For Rev 3 and Rev 5 boards the new kickstart 2.04 chip must have pin #1 jumpered across the top of the IC to pin #31. (see diagram below). For revision 6A and above there should not be any jumper wires across the top of the chip.

For the Amiga 2000 note that newer A2000 motherboards are marked "B2000-CR" in the lower left corner. The operating system ROM, U500 is located just to the right of the 68000 and below the Fat Agnus. Pin #1 faces to the rear. For Rev 4 and above, cut or remove any jumpers from the top of the Rom chip. For Rev 3 boards the 2.04 ROM IC must have pin #1 jumper wired to pin #31 across the top of the chip. (see diagram below).

Older A2000 machines are marked on the left side with "(C) 1986 Commodore", "A2000" and "Made in Germany (BSW). The operating system ROM, U2, is located just to the right of the 68000. Pin #1 faces forward. For these boards the 2.04 IC must have pin #1 jumpered to pin #31 also.

Be careful when installing these chips to make sure that the notch on the chip is facing the proper direction. Also be careful not to bend any of the legs on the chip during installation.

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