Apple 2 Products
Surplus games, educational programs, word processing, publishing, cables, accessories, etc., for Apple 2, Apple 2e, Apple 2c, Apple 2gs, and Apple 2 compatible systems

God Bless Steve Jobs-- CEO of the Decade

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

Please note: Many of the accessories and supplies (such as blank disks, printer ribbons, monitors, etc.) in the Commodore 64 section of this web site are also compatible with Apple 2.

Publish It (Timeworks) (128k) (2e, 2c, 2c+, 2gs) Desktop publishing program. Now $69

Publish It 2 (Timeworks) (128k) (2e, 2c, 2c+, 2gs) Desktop publishing program. Now $32

Publish It 3 (Timeworks) (128k) (2e, 2c, 2c+, 2gs) Desktop publishing program. Now $34

Graph It (Timeworks) (128k) (2c, 2e, 2gs) Spreadsheet & graphics software Now $22

Educational Grab Bag: 5 used Apple 2 (5.25") learning programs for children. Without Instructions $44.

Educational Grab Bag: 5 used Apple 2 (5.25") learning programs for children. Same as above except WITH Instructions $44.

Games Apples Play (Book only. No disk.) Well over a dozen fun and educational programs written in BASIC for Apple 2 computers. Book shows listing of each BASIC program so that you can see how each program works! $35

SpellMaster: Main disk $12, add-on disks #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8 and #Adult just $17 ea.

Fleet System III Word Processor. (128k) (2c & 2e) Excellent Program Now $27

PrintShop (Broderbund) Used. Create signs, greeting cards, banners, etc. on your Apple 2. (May or may not include manual) call or email for price and availability

Robot Rascals (Apple II+, IIe, IIc) (Electronic Arts) Fun Game. Opened package. Sold.

Neuromancer game (Apple 2GS) (Interplay). Email for availability.

Paintworks Gold (Apple 2GS) (Activision) Powerful painting program. Now $9

The Music Studio (Apple 2GS) (Activision) Compose, engineer and explore music. Professional Quality. sold?

Crossbow (Apple 2c & 2e) Exciting arcade game. Sold.

Mind Mirror (II+, IIe, IIc) (Electronic Arts) Explore personality. Sold Out

Blackjack Academy (Apple 2GS) (Microillusions) $27 (package may be somewhat damaged)

Sky Travel Astronomy Apple 2 5.25" disk only. $37 Add $7 for photocopy of instruction manual.

Keyboard Golf Now $27

Fractions or Decimals (specify which one) Now $24 each

Scruples (Leisure Genius/Electronic Arts) Used. For Apple 2, 2c and 2e. 48k ram required. Includes box and instructions. $22

Speed Reader II for Apple (Davidson) Used 3.5" disk. No documentation. Untested. $19 AS IS

Reader Rabbit (The Learning Company) Used 3.5" disk for IIGS. No documentation. Ages 5-7. Builds early reading skills. Special "talking" version for the IIGS. Untested. $27 AS IS

Math Blaster Plus II GS (Davidson) Used 3.5" disk for the IIGS. No documentation. Untested. $19 AS IS.

Apple IIGS System Disk. Used 3.5" system disk. Untested. $37 AS IS.

Used Apple IIGS main unit. Turns on but is missing its external floppy drive and external keyboard. Has Apple 2gs expander inside of it. Sold.

Apple 2 color monitor. Used. Call or email

15 pin Male D (not VGA-- has two rows of pins) to 9 pin Male D cable. $27
Might be Apple 2GS monitor cable or Macintosh-RGB monitor cable. 3 ft. One customer reported that this is the proper cable for connecting older Macintosh Performa computers to their monitors. We haven't verified this independently but believe that this is correct. Might also be usable on other Apple or Macintosh computers and monitors.

Blank 5.25" DSDD and 3.5" DSDD disks for Apple 2 and Apple 2GS. Click here for prices and more information.

Miscellaneous Apple 2 cables, boards, computers, software & accessories. call

See "Ordering Details" for limited exceptions

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