Ribbons for Old Printers

Ribbons, cartridges and tapes for older printers

Note: The ribbons, cartridges and tapes on this page are older inventory but are unopened and undamaged packages. We are selling these on an AS IS basis due to their age. Most of these products should work quite well despite being somewhat old. We would not normally sell older ribbon inventory like this but we realize that some of these ribbons may be impossible to find anywhere else and that the purchasers may be desperate to find whatever is available.

 Item  Description  Price

Decision Data 3240/6540/6541 ribbon Black nylon ribbon for Decision Data 3240, 6540 and 6541 printer. Quantity available: 9 pieces. Package or part number(s): AS-DD32N-01 80402 $4 ea.

IBM 4683 black IBM 4683 black nylon ribbon. Quantity available: 1 piece. Package or part number(s): RIBM 4683 $7
Olivetti correction tapes? Unknown item. Appears to be correction tape. 6 per pack. Quantity available: 4 packs of 6. Package or part number(s) Cod 7289816/80805 $6 per pack

NEC 5500 and 7700 Spinwriter ribbon Black fabric ribbon for NEC 5500 and NEC 7700 Spinwriter series. Quantity available: 6 pieces. Package or part number(s) 50-013 $4 ea.
Data Royal 5000 Black Nylon Ribbon Black nylon printer ribbon for Data Royal 5000, Data South DS-180, Royal 5000, Quantel 6000 Tritel. Quantity available: 1 piece. Package or part number: Bettertype 20121001 $7

Sears 5455 Correction film ribbon Carbon film correction ribbon for use with ribbon 5454. 2 ribbon pack. Quantity available: 136. Package or part number 3455 Sears $2 ea.

Panasonic KXP140 ribbon Panasonic KX-P140 printer ribbon. Quantity available: 1. $6

NFC P6 Color ribbon NFC P6 Color ribbon. Quantity available: 1. $8

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