MusicStar Piano Learning System by Reveal
an affordable alternative to those who can't locate a Miracle Piano System and for those with older and newer Windows versions

The manufacturer of these MusicStar music learning system packages is no longer in business but we were able to pick up a shipment of new packages anyway! We think that you will find this system to be an affordable alternative for piano teaching, jamming, multi-track recordings and teaching music theory! Limited Quantity available. 30 day guarantee.

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General Features:

37 Mini-Key Keyboard
3 Octaves
Simultaneous 10 Note Output
Play 128 Instruments and Sounds
Transpose buttons for an effective range of 9 Octaves
Change instruments on the fly
15-pin standard MIDI interface
Compatible with sequencers, arrangers and various MIDI music software
Selectable octave Buttons

Jam Session Software Features:

Provides a groovin' backup band while playing melodies
Selectable Instruments
Arrangement variations
Selectable Key Signature
Accompaniment style selection
Tempo Selector
Intro/end button
Fill Button
Break Button
Demo button
AutoJam function
Jam Grid allows changing accompaniment chords while using AutoJam
Mixer for Drums, Bass, Chords, Lead and sound effects
Record, save and load jam sessions easily
Customizable FX Pads

Recording Studio Software Features:

4 track recording system
Save and Load designs
1 digital audio track for recording from a microphone or line device
Record button
Mute button
Solo button
Select up to 128 different instruments and sounds
Volume slider
Pitch settings
Tempo Settings
Transport control buttons

Private Lessons Software Features:

Self paced interactive keyboard teaching program
Practice songs are broken down into smaller chunks
Melody Trainer
Rhythm trainer
Melody and rhythm trainer
Test mode grades performance
10 selectable instruments

Music School Software Features:

Three section music school lessons
Great illustrations aid learning
Background on famous composers
Information on various instruments

Package Includes:

Reveal MusicStar MIDI keyboard
MIDI cable
AC power adapter
MusicStar software package on CD
User's Manual

System Requirements:

IBM compatible 386SX/25 or better
4 mb ram
DOS 5.0 to 6.22 and Windows 3.1 or 3.11
Also works with Windows 95, 98 ME NT 4.0, 2000 and XP
20 MB free hard disk space
CD-Rom drive for software installation
MIDI compatible sound card
Speakers or headphones
SVGA color graphics
MPU401 MIDI file is required for Windows 95 and above (standard file)