Eternal GU195 and Eternal GU195S tankless water heaters, mixer valve and parts

We used an Eternal brand GU195S small tank water heater here (in Salt Lake City, Utah) for seven or eight years. After about 5 years or so the internal mixer valve failed and we had it replaced. We were worried that this internal mixer valve might fail again so we purchased a spare one because we realized that parts for these were getting difficult to find. About two years later the GU195S water heater started having some other problems. We saw a supposedly new Eternal GU195M water heater on Ebay and purchased it since most of the internal parts are similar or identical and we wanted to have parts to repair our GU195S. When the supposedly new Eternal GU195M arrived here we still hadn't decided whether to try to fix our GU195S or just get a new water heater. So, we opened the supposedly new GU195M model we had just received from Ebay and although it did look essentially new (especially on the inside) the outside of the unit had some slight water stains. Also, on the inside bottom of the supposedly new GU195M unit we noticed that the internal bottom frame of the water heater seemed to be very slightly bent. We didn't know if these slight water stains (on the outside) and slightly bent frame on the inside bottom was normal or not. We don't see any external damage on this unit other than the minor water stains. If the internal bottom frame of this unit was bent slightly from being dropped it seems somewhat amazing that the exterior doesn't look damaged. In any case we decided to go with a different brand new water heater and have had these units just sitting here for around 3 years (as of September 2022). We don't think we have a need for these anymore and are wanting to sell them locally (in the Salt Lake City area).

So, from what I remember here is what we have available:


1 ea. never used internal mixer valve for the Eternal GU195S.

1 ea. supposedly new Eternal GU195M water heater (still in its original box but opened for inspection).

1 ea. used Eternal GU195S water heater (used for about 8 years or so) but with newer (replacement) mixer valve which had only been used about 2 or 3 years probably. This used water heater still actually worked when we had it replaced in mid 2019 but it was making some funny abnormal noises which caused concern for us. It would usually make an exploding sound similar to a backfiring car engine when it was trying to ignite but would still work anyway.


We are entertaining offers from anyone wanting to pick up these items here in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of these units will be sold on an AS IS cash only basis with no return option. However, we plan to give a pretty good deal on these very rare items.

We may consider shipping the internal mixer valve rather than requiring local (Salt Lake City, Utah) pickup because it isn't very heavy and shouldn't be too much hassle or expense to ship. However, it will still be sold on an AS IS (non-returnable and non-refundable) basis.

We primarily sell old computer software and parts here normally and have been in business since late 1982. We have a great reputation but don't profess to know a whole lot about water heaters-- other than we have these units here.

please email us at for more details.

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