Commodore 64/128 Public Domain and Shareware List

Games, Educational Programs, Graphics, Applications, Utilities, Music, GEOS shareware, etc.

Please note: Your order for Commodore Public Domain and Shareware disks must be for at least 4 disks or you will need to add an extra $12 to the price.

 Item  Description  Price

128 Public Domain Disk 1 MS001C All on Autoboot menus. Side 1: Seq Reader, Seq Printer, The Editor (screen character creation), Datamaker 128 database, Space Wars game, Grungy Towers Adv., Litter Patron game, Clubhouse Turn Horse Race, Spelling Game, ABC 123 preschooler game, Biorhythm, Ira, 128 Sleeve, Forecaster, Chart/Graph, Whitehouse demo, Animals Show childs game, & Star Wars music demo. Side 2: Seq Reader, Screen Clearer, Merger 128, Cross Ref128, Exppander, Screen Function, Labyrinth game, Bingo 128, Othello, Lunar Lander game, Amoeba child game, Proverbial educational, Typing Practice, Reverse, Archirec recipe database, Calculator 128, 128 Alarm, Jack-O-Latern music demo, NCC-1701, Musicmann 1288 VBC creates & stores music, & Songs Programs that plays songs. $5

128 Public Domain Disk 2 MS005C On autoboot menus. Seq Reader, Diskdoctor 128 V2, ID checker, Hex-Dec-Bin, Long Jump, Burger King, Galactic 128, Deflection, Castle Quest, Animal, Easy Math, Lexitron, Portfolio, Database 128, Car 128, Do List, Isoplot 128, C128 Drag Racing, C/Synthisizer,. & 128 Player Piano. Side 2: Seq Reader, Autoboot Manager, Formatter, Disk File 5.0, Lock Unlock, Timeout, Petals, TicTacToe, Atlantis Advn, Airport 128, Tricky Tick, Story Teller, Speed Read, Hex Puzzler, Calendar, Label Maker, Phone Directory, Hi Res Text, Comm Logo, & Music Files. $5

128 Public Domain Disk 3 MS010C All on autoboot menus. Side 1: Seq. Reader, 128 Disk Cat V1.0, Ryan-Doc V3.0, 128 Layouts, Casino 128, Twin Bagels, Shuffle,Deepsix 128, Tie Fighter, Stock Market, Mul Master, RelfileTutor, Computers, Bartender, Vidbase GRI, Bent Space, Screen Maker III, Danger Zone, EZ Tune, & Away in Manger. Side 2: Seq. Reader, Directory 128, Dir Print, Disk Guard 128, Customizer 128, Blackjack, Super Wheel, Dominoes, Trains, Checkers ;128, Number Invaders, Hangmath, Simbiz V30, PBio, Journal, Report Generator, Dump, Stock Tracker, Window Worlds, Dragon, Brandenburg, & Man of Steel. $5

128 Public Domain Disk 4 MS015C All autoboot menus. Side 1: Seq Reader, Ascii Convert 128, ML Finder, Double-Single, Disk Tidier, List All, Adventure 4 Level, Explore, Threedox, Arena, Saucers, Drill ou/ow, Drill ie/ei, Drill er/ir/ur, States Quiz, Pamort, Mortgage, Keyboard Play, & Mandelbrot 128. Side 2: Seq Reader, Copy All 128, Filetype Edit, Tri Directory, Catacombs , Frountguard, Crazy Eights, Compufake, Factor Race, States, Guess Word 128, Amortization, Donation Filer, Balance Sheet, Fractals, Happy & Cat 128. $5

128 Public Domain Disk 5 MS020C All on autoboot menus. Side1: Seq. Reader, Change Disk, Recover Side 2, Dos Shell Boot, Mergekey Setup, Unicopy, Earth Fighter, Hamurabi, Barricade, Tank Battle, World Capitals, Geography, Number Display, Pcalen, World Time, Type/Print 128, Finance Calc, & New Paint. Side 2: Seq. Reader, Address Catalog, Run 64, Autoboot, Boot 40, Disk Logger 128, Night Adv., Roadrace, Tombs, Battleships, Aldehedron, Computer Quiz, Guess Age, Poems, Loan Analysis, Gross Pay, Daycalc 128, Better's Edge, Pergeo, Sprite 128 Boot, Jukebox, & Musicfiles. $5

197 Programs
(8 disks)
E0001C Good set of educational programs for all age levels. Geography/Miscellaneous, Math I-V, Science I-IV, English I, and English/Business. Ask for detailed list. $29

220 Songs (2 disks) MU001C Sid Pic songs with many different types of music. Rock and Roll (such as Longer) to Classical (such as G Minor Fugue) all on a note play menu. Ask for detailed list. $25

79 Programs
(2 disks)
MS025C User programs such as Invoicer or Checkbook, Games such as Chess and Artillary. Educational programs such as Time and Acceleration. Text adventure games. Ask for detailed list. $25

Basic Fundamentals Xmas MU005C Slide show of great Christmas graphics with Christmas background music. $5

Basic Demo & Music VI DM001C Side 1: Afternoon, Boinki, CPU in Control, Diamond Design, Machine Draw, Max President, Max Sings, Pulsing Pics II, Real Genius, Russian 64, Silent Page, Speech Imp.Mission, Speeches, Summers Dream, The Car, Tube Graphics, Valentine, & Weird 64. Side 2: Mona Lisa, Kaleidescope, Changing Spiral, Winston Churchhill, Beverly Hills Cop, Flash Back Again Demo, Pendalums In Space Room, Harrison Ford Demo, Man/Black & White Photo, Camera Demo, Spooky Demo, Space Demo, Gem Thunder Demo, JR Dallas, Ripples, & Stereo System. $5

Best Demo & Music V2 DM005C Side 1: Cyber Video Demo called Trouble on Trios - excellent graphics animation, & story about outer space & the troubles of the planet Trios. It is quite involved & long. Side 2: 1541 Eat Disk Demo, 3D Whirl Chain, Amiga 4, Coke, Commando, Frontier, Engine Demo (showing operation), Howdy, Karate Kid Demo, Last Ninja Songs, Max Demo, Neptune, Robot Demo, & Sony Demo. $5

Best of Best Dig Music V1 MU006C Actual digitized music on computer! The music is short with big files but they sound good & most of them replay. Side 1: Word Up, Take On Me, Holiday Mix/FSI, Boom Box, & Dit Music. Side 2: Dit-Flesh, Dit-Music II, & Touch Me Berlin. $5

Best of Best Dig Music V2 MU007C Actual digitized music on computer! Music is short but sounds great and most replay. Side 1: Born In The USA, KitaraTaivas, & Material Girl. Side 2: Legs, Led Zeppelin, & Radio. $5

Best of Best Education V1 E0005C Side 1: Big Letters, Conifer Guide, Crazy Rhymes, Fractions, Hunter Reading, Long Division, Micro Chips 1-3, Mileage.C3, Munch Math, Spelling Bee, Sunrise/Sunset, Weatherman. Side 2: Africa & Asia, Bead in a Jar, Big Math, Brain Cran I, Breakout, Crossword, Europe, First Math, French Topics.C3, Geography Quiz.c, Hang Math, Hockey Quiz.c2, Pet Computer Tutor, Police Subraction, Programmer, and Reduce Fractions. $5

Best of Best Education V2 E0010C Side 1: Word Market, Mister Mugs 3, Beat the Clock, Two to Too.C3, Prime Numbers, Mister Mugs 1, Mister Mugs 2, Famous People, Panther Puzzle, Add & Sub.C3, Add Drill,C3, Addition Race.c3, & Ankova, C3. Side 2: Geog Test. C3, Letter Square.C3, Macbeth Quiz C3, MM Dark Wood.C3, MM Mugs 2wm, C3, Nouns.C3, Antonyms.C3, B'Ball Madlib.C3, Speed Reader, The Great Fred.C, Tic Tac Pet, Name Game, SpellChallenge, & FamousPeople.C3. $5

Best of Best Education V3 E0015C Side 1: A or An, Chemical Drill, Connect Four, Factor Race, Flash Cards, French Sentence, French Verbs, Geography, Grammar, Integer Math, Integer TTT, Kiddie Code, Latin Tutor, Life Expectancy, Metric Quiz, Music Lesson, Number Match, Percent Drill, Presidents, Reading Comp,, Snoopy, Tictacarith, Titractor 64!, Triangle Solve, Word Mart, Word Order, & World quiz. Side 2: Alphabet Animals, Alphabet Colors, Circus Time, Concentration, Election.C3, Hangman, Math-Hang, President Quiz C3, R-Riding Hood, Review, USA Capitals, USA Presidents, & Vocabulary 3. $5

Best of Best Education V4 E0020C Side1: Alg Vectors, AlgebraVector.C, Binom Mut Tut.C, Choices.C, Central Conics.C, Factor Drill.C, Factor Race.C, Factor Trinom.C, Factor Wholes.C, Factor/Decomp.C, Factors.C, Foil Inst.C, Foill Practice.C, Like Terms Tut.C, Linear Systems.C, Marblestat.C, & Matrix Sol.C. Side 2: Coll Like Term.C, Egn Manipulat.C, Factor Trinim, Factor Whole, Factors, Fun Machine.C, Hicalc.C, Mat 250 MLA.C, Mechanics.C, Planes.C, Powers & Roots.C, Streight Line.C, Trig Rations.C., & Exponent Mult.C. $5

Best of Best Games V1 GM001C Side 1: Africa Adventure, Armageddon, Attack Force, Beekeeper, Bird of Prey, Cabby, Chopper Run, Command Cmd, Ground Snipe, Hacker, Rox, Shoot Em, Spectrum, Stock Market, War Rescue, Zyco's Brain. Side 2: Dilemna, Donkey Kong, Fox Pinball, Roofus, Slot Machine, Trapped, Wug, and Xeropus. $5

Best of Best Games V2 GM005C Side 1:Adventure, Battleship #2, Blackjack, Boxing, Checkers, Crap Out, Checkers, Crap Out, Hastle Castle, Kidnapped, M.A.S.H. , Othello for 2, Othello, Slither Dual, Stocks, Yahtzee, Zonex. Side 2: Acrobat, Bird Brain, Mommy Slither, Money Mad, Osero, Stonemanner, & Trivia Game. $5

Best of Best Games V3 GM010C Side 1: 5 Man Draw Poker, Poker, Castle Quest 40, Doors Game, Eye of Kadath.C, Lava Pits, Pick-A-Letter, Solitair Cards, SuperKong, Thirsty Nellons, & Xerosis. Side 2: Decipede, Dodge City Poker, Dracula 40, Dungeon 40, Galactic Zone, Mouse Maze 40, Plasmoids Game, Skramble & Spider Trap. $5

Best of Best Games V4 GM015C Side 1: Alligator, Break Out 2.0, Bugs, Crap Out, Crazy Popper, Football, Four in a Row, Ground War, Langly, Lost Paramid, Medieval Adventure, Nightmare Park.C, Pyrahop, Quatro, Repeat, Rock Scis Paper, Rush Hour, Sleuth, Snake Olympics, Word Concentrate. Side 2: Blackjack 4.0, Dark Tower, Krackout, Nector of the Gods, & Trashman. $5

Best of Best Games V5 GM020C Side 1: Star Trek 64, Snakes, Nerm Starflight, Survive, Atomic Handball, Caves, Red Baron, Weatherwar II, Follow Me, Darts, Fishery.C3, Nukewar, Skiing, & Solitaire. Side 2: Quest for Power, Baseball Advntre, City Manager, King Tut Advntre, The Unknown, & Checkers 1.7. $5

Best of Best Games V6 GM025C Side 1: NFL, Oil Tycoon, Tank Maze, Night Flight, Bugs, Lazer Defender, Mazeman, Spike, Fill In, & Races. Side 2: Space Chase, AFO, Chopper1, Berserkotron, Raid M, One Arm Bandit, Baloon, Espionage, R&T Space Battle, & Martyball. $5

Best of Best Games V7 GM030C Side 1: Traffic (Traffic light control game with nice graphics & joystick control), Sail, Looper Two, Streck Lagging, Football, & Cowboys Football Song. Side 2: World Powering 64, Wheel Fortune, Freeze Factory, Pontoon, Space/Game, Sno-Cat/64, Speed Racer, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Panther (Clue) 64, O'Riley's Mine, Dominoes, & Hires Draw Poker (good by Gary Kitchen's Gamemaker). $5

Best of Best Games V8 GM035C Side 1: 20 Block Boo Boo, Baby Care, Baseball 64, Castle of Legend, Changer 64, Chess, Darts, English, Darts, Eye of the Inca, Gammon, Gobi Desert Golf, Miniature Golf, Star Trek, Trivia Zone, & War Games, Side 2: 1000 Miles, 1000 Depth Charge, Desert Run, Dungeon Master, Flight Simulator, Gilmfootball, Gobble, Hidden Maze, Horses, Kiddie Code, Montana, One on One, Pop Shot, Redbarren, Reverse, Rotate, Slither, Snake Espcape, Spectru, Thirsty Nellan, Wheel of Gold, & Yahtzee (not same as Best of Best Games V2.) $5

Best of Best Games V9 GM040C Side 1: 64 Bomber, Art Auction V2, Be a Super Hero, Blackjack, Brain Teaser, Bruno, Castle Instr, Cavern Instr, Crazy Balloon, Cross Word, Cycloon Fight, Deflection, Eliza, Gators N Snakes, Gunner, Haunted Castle, Hidden Cavern, Labyrinth, Skull Castle, & Sub Hunt. Side 2: Supernove, Star Trek (nice comprehensive version), Fight, The Last Ninja, Raid, Dangerzone, & Cannibal Adventure. $5

Best of Best Games V10 GM045C Side 1: 52 Bluff, BreakOut1, Bugs, Chick Little J1, Cs9, Drooling Baboons, Dunk Even Steven, Face-Off, Flipper, Frog, Hyper Ball, Lazer Gunner, Lizzard, Money Magic, No Free Lunch, Outsmart, Over and Under, Scissors, Sea Hunt/64, Shells, Snake War, Stoneville Manor, Supertank, Take Off, Thunderbolt 3, Trains Wallbanger, & Zix. Side 2: Cevius (excellent & comprehensive shareware helicopter war game that is joystick controlled), & Star Trek II (very well done and quit involved). $5

Best of Best Games V11 GM050C All excellent joystick controlled games made with Gary Kitchen's Gamemaker. Side 1: Planet Pimlico (horse racing), Hovercraft, & Blowout. Side 2: CyperWar, Sarbo, & Germ Attack 2. $5

Best of Best Games V12 GM055C All excellent joystick controlled games made with Gary Kitchen's Gamemaker. Side 1; Meteor Showers, Quest Palace, & Thief 1. Side 2: Depth Charge, Shipin, & Bug Attack. $5

Best of Best Music V1 MU010C Side 1: Magic Music, Rainbow Music, Music Tutor, We Music 2, Prelude, Computer Blues, Xmas, Music IV, Stairway to Heaven (L Zeplin), Space Movie. Side 2: Sid Pic Songs - Always A Woman, Amazing Grace, Angel Flying, Bouree, Build City, Bumblebee, Coal Mine, Crusade, Dyer Maker, Fant. Imp, Feel Right, Groovy, Keliotrope, Hollywood Hom4, Ice Castles, I Hear You Know, Babe, Chariots, Splash, James Bond, Crazy 4 You, Perhaps Love, Blowin Wind, Piano Man, Walk of Life, St. Elsewhere, Birds, & What Child. $5

Best of Best Music V2 MU015C Side 1: Axel's Theme, Beat It, Cavalry March, Doctor Who, Dragon Demo, & Interlude 12. Side 2: Bump Set Spike, Choroid Demo, Fairy Demo, Fibich Poem.C, Galaxy Scroll, Infamous 4 Demo, Questline Demo, Random Music.C, & TMC Flash Music. $5

Best of Best Music V3 MU020C Side 1: Air Allegro #1, Amazing Grace, Bach Duet, Bach Prelude, Baroque Music, Claire De Lune, Classical Music, Doodle, Fiddle Faddle, Golliwog, Great's the Lord, Greig Arietta, Hungarian Dance, Invention #8, Jesus of Joy, Juice of Barley, Master Theater, Music Box Dancer, O Polichinelo, Shubert Waltz, Shall Thou Flee, Spinning Song, & Swing Low;. Side 2: Beat It, Bil Bailey, Billie Jean, CBM CMBtun, Down Under, Entertainer, Ever Green, Gloria, Hello, Juke, Jump, Karma, Like a Virgin, Magnum, Maniac, Maple Leaf Rag, Princesses, Raiders Ark, Relax, Rocky Mt, She Works Hard, The Cars, Uptown Girl & World. $5

Best of Best Music V4 MU025C Side 1: Sid Pic Music on Note Play Menu (Newwave Jazz, Stripper, Synthetic, Jameoff, Bobbeyes, Soundesign, Bug Theme, Century, Snuff, Calliope, Crabcanon, Dedication, & Lude), Swinth II Lazer Show, Hunter Killer, Runaway Rules, Elephant Walk, Doodle, You Might Think, Satisfaction, Africa,, Karma, Star Wars, Hello Dolly, & Swan Song Demo. Side 2: Sid Pic Song songs either Note Play, Keyboards, or Multiplay (Two Part #8, Rhapsoldy #2, In His Love, Hymn, Bach Hymn, Toreado, Trumpet, Wondrous, My Prayer, Great Lord, Goldberg, Musicbox, Methuselah, Prelude 2, Golfdberg-1, Brand 1-4, PC C-Minor, ViValdi, March in G, March in E, 5th Prelude, Anhang, Moonlight Woagner OP 159, Sechs, Swan Saltz, Minuete Gypsy Rondo, Adestef, Nowell 2, Hark, Minuet G, Scipio, & more. $5

Best of Best Music V5 MU030C Side 1: Fox Valley Users Group Xmas Demo with graphic animation & music. Songs are: We Wish You A Merry Xmas, O Xmas Tree, Joy To The World, Jinglebell Rock, The First Noel, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Deck The Halls, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Frosty The Snowman, Away In A Manger, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen, Hark The Herald, & Sleighride. Side 2: Liebstraum, Rondo, French Suite No. 5, French No. 6, Sonata, & Parite with different movements. Long nice songs. $5

Best of Best Utilities V1 U0001C Side !: Allignment Check, Bar Garph, Car Cost, Checkbook, Column Calc, Decision Maker, Digital Clock, Directory Mater, Dissassembler, Diskview, Fast Copy V2.2, Interest Rate, Mr. Label Maker, Savings & Loan, VCR Index. Side 2: 1541 Master, Amorizn Tables, Database Deluxe, Direct List, Dir Assist V2, Disk Filing, Disk Manager, Emplr Qrtly Tax, File Drawer 1.1, Little Blackbook, Loan Calc, Mail File, Phone, Rent or Buy, Santa Print, Seasons Greetings & Word Processor. $5

Best of Best Utilities V2 U0005C Side 1: 4 Minute Copy, Basic Primer, Crossword Puzzle 7, Gradebook, Guess Age.Cc, House Inventory, Intro to Side, Klitz Wedge, Pink Panther Picture, Poster Picture, Sprite Editor, Spritemaker. Side 2: Disk Helper 2.0, Labeller IV, Lettermaker 6, Lucky Luke, Moon Database, Savings and Loan, Smurf and Snoopy pictures. $5

Best of Best Utilities V3 U0010C Side 1: Labeller II, Graph Maker, Your Checkbook, Calendar, MSD2 Util, MSD2 Backup, MSD2 File Copy, Uncompactor, Address Book 64, Address Book II, Budget 64, Data Master 1084, Disk Utility, Elec-Checkbook, & Loan Analysis. Side 2: Homemate (excellent shareware for index labels, Cards, Memo Pad, & Household Items), Disk Catalog, Digital Clock, & Student Grader. $5

Bowling League 64 & Modem U0015C Side 1: Bowling League will allow; you to post a week's work, add team, add new bowler or substitute, & print a work sheet. Also on disk are Modem programs: Touchterm, Atari Term, Modem Chess, CommTerm++, & More. $5

Cad System 3.0 U0020C Program for doing electronic schematics & other line drawings. Two drives are supported. It uses a joystick in port #2 or a 1350 mouse. Instructions are on the disk and must be printed to a printer. Print options are five for the Star SG 10 and two for the MPS 801. $5

Christmas Jukebox MU035C Great Jukebox that plays Sleigh Ride, Jinglebell Rock, Deck Halls, Little Town of Beth, Oh Xmas Tree, Oh Holly Night, Midnight Clear, Silent Night, Hallelujeh Choir, Herold Angels, Frosty Snowman, Chipmunk Xmas, Silver Bells, Away in Manger, 12 Days of Xmas, All Ye Faithful, Let it Snow, & The First Noel. $5

Creative Finance U0025C Compreshensive & well written shareware budget program. Keeps track of charge accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts, incomes, loans, expense categories, sales tax, & other record keeping. Manuals are on the disk and may be either printed on the screen or on your printer. $5

Crossword Maker U0030C Great program for making & printing crossword puzzles. Files may be saved, recalled, & deleted. This program supports several different printers. $5

Disk Catalog Maintenance U0035C Very good program for keeping track of your disks and cataloging them. $5

Disk File 4.A U0040C Side 1: Great shareware program for cataloging your disks. You may add names individually or by disk, print, sort, search for file name or disk number, save, load, or remove a file. The program also supports MSD SD-2, 1 or 2 1541's, 80 or 136 column printers on compressed pitch. You ;may also view your work on screen. Side 2: Disk File Instasearch - Program designed to do a thorough search of all the files created by Disk File 3.5 or higher. $5

Geos Fonts & Applications GS001C New fonts: Russian, Do_Roma, D_R/Spamisch, R/Deutsch, Peignot, Wall, Olde English4, Morse Code, Hebrew, Arrow 24 PD, Graffiti24PD, Joker 24PD, Popsicle 24PD, Rutgers 24 PD, Shadow A-L, Microfont, & Shadow M-2. Utilties: Daves Font Publisher, Geofile Form & Geos 3 (for Geofile), Geo Dir Print, Trashpicker 64, Disk Protect, Quick Dater V-1, Rdcount Gen, Icon Changer, Print Dates V3, & more. $5

Geos Printer Drivers&Info GS005C New Printer Drivers: NX-1000/V25, Rainbow GC, Star NX-1000C, NX11000-II LM, HP Thinkjet, MPS 1000 IBM, 10X Quad (GC), 10X Bit [PB], NX-10000 LM 2+, SP-1200 VC, 1520 40 Black, 1520 40 Blue, 1520 40 Green, 1520 40 Red, 1520 10 Co., 1520 20 Col.., 1520 80 Col., Epson Reduced 14, Epson Reduced 11, BCI20LM, Interlace Epson4, NX1000*61, & Quadobl OkimL292. Quad Oki ML 292, MPS-1000DS, MPS 1000QS, DSI PPI, NX-0 Ultra (OC), AD Dbl Rainbow, L Rainbow, & BlueChpDsy. Also on disk fonts: Courier NLQ, Sanserif NLQ, Orator SC NLQ, & Orator LC NLQ. Documentation is on the disk and Geocable docs. $5

Geos Utilities GS010C Side 1: Read me.doc, Paint View 1.2, Geoview, Scrapeek 3.4., Photoprint, Photo Mover 160, Big Clipper 3 (like photo scrap), Paint-Scrap (like photo scrap), Album Animator, Flag (picture), Female (picture), Retriever 2.0, Reverter, Picshow 2.0, Get Graphic, Graphic Storm (converter for standard bit map, Doodle, Printshop side A & B, Printmaster, & Newsroom to Geos & Album Creator - looks excellent!), Mac Attack, Quickview, Hulme View, Copy Editor, Blue Pencil, Identifont V3.2, Combiner (for combining Geowrite files), Write Toolkit, Wrong is Write (transforms text styles), Transtext (Seq to Geos), Geos Sid Player with songs & more! What a disk! $5

Gianna Sisters III GM058C Excellent arcade game where Gianna goes through a tunnel maze with different obstacles. Also on disk is Sin City Pinball, Mushroom Chomper (like Packman), Kongo Man (like Marlo), Cavehooks, Computer Adventure & Venture Quest. $5

Grafpax U0040C Simple menu driven graphing system for the C64. The screen may be printed on any Epson compatible printer or similar such as a Gemini Star, Panasonic, or Riteman. Instructions are on the disk and may be either printed on the screen or a printer. $5

Graphics Disk GR001C Excellent slide show of computer art. $5

Jeopardy GM060C Excellent Jeopardy game with a good selection of 9 sets of questions. The game requires 2 joysticks (one for each opponent). You must decide if your opponent's answer is correct after it is viewed on the screen. $5

Label Maker with Graphics U0050C Label maker that uses Printshop graphics for Epson type printers. Also on disk is Printshop to Printmaster or Printmaster to Printshop converter. $5

Modem Programs & Games V1 C0001C Commodore Terminal, Touch Terminal, Atari Emulator Terminal, Modem Battleship, & Modem Chess. $5

Modem Programs & Games V2 C0005C Side 1: Tele-Chess 1.4 (nice shareware two player modem chess game with good graphics & joystick control in port #2), Third Term, Second Term, & Dark Term V2*1. Side 2: Dark Term 88 an excellent extensive modem shareware program with many features. $5

Monopoly GM065C Two excellent games! Monopoly - a two player game that allows you to do transactions, free parking, automatic score and transaction keeping, & allows you to save your game. Monopole - is another version of this game that is nearly the same except it allows you to play up to 4 players. Monopoly 6 is a version of Monopoly that lets you play ukp to 6 players. Instructions are included. $5

U0055C Useful disk filled with disk copy programs and other file utilities. $5

New Public Domain (4 disk) MS030C Astronomy, Comal Utilities, Graphics, & Music. Ask for a detailed list. $12

PD Graphics All Faces GR005C Graphics Epson or front side of Printshop and Printmaster. A variety of faces such as clowns, political figures, etc. Fron side Printshop & back Printmaster. $5

PD Graphics Cartoons GR010C Graphics for the Epson or front side of Printshop & Printmaster. Figures are like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, etc. $5

PD Graphics Computers & Per. GR015C Graphics for the Epson or front side of Printshop and Printmaster. Images are of different types of computers & accessories such as joysticks. Front side Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics Fishers Disk GR020C Graphics for the Epson or front side of Printshop and Printmaster. Images are of different ships, fish, & miscellaneous events. Front side Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics Flowers&Fruit GR025C Graphics for Epson or front side of Printshop and Printmaster. Images are of flowers, fruit, & a variety of cartoon characters. Front side is for Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics Food Events GR030C Graphics for Epson or front side of Printshop & Printmaster. Images are of different types of food or bake sale things. Front side Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics Miscellaneous GR035C Graphics for Epson for front side of Printshop & Printmaster. Images are a grab bag of about anything. Front side for Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics People Doing GR040C Graphics for Epson or front side of Printshop & Printmaster. Images are of people doing different types of jobs like doctors or school events. Front side for Printmaster and back for Printshop. $5

PD Graphics Sports/Letter GR045C Graphics for Epson or front side Printshop & Printmaster. Images are of different sports symbols & gear, some fancy letters, & faces. Front for Printmaster & back for Printshop. $5

PD Miscellaneous Disk V1 MSV01C Side 1: Pause Listing, T, Jigsaw Loader, Write A Story, Dr. Diskfix, Staff Printer, Metronome, Quick Draw Game, & Multi Renamer. Side 2: TicTacArith, T, 48 Singalong Fun, Our Ands Fun, Business G, Art Auction Game, Disk Type, Drive Alignment, & 3 Col Dir Print. $5

PD Miscellaneous Disk V12 MSV12C Side 1: Sing 37 1970/80 Sid Pic songs such as Alone, Phoenix, Both Sides Etc., Pick Up Sticks, Mugwump & Fast Menu. Side 2: Bach Beat Choice, speed Typing One, Typy Toes, Speed Typing Two, Rose Petals, Boxful, Unscramble It, Reading Speed, Hang Spelling, New Slot Machine, Baseball Leagues, Checkers, Poker, By a Nose, Snake Escape, Reverse, Disk Master, Disk Squeeze, Change Header, Backup Your Disk, Math Fire Truck, Fantastic Shapes, Willia;m Tell, Personality, Temp. & Humidity, Wind Chill, Fast Math Drill, Find Day of Week, Blood Alcohol, Air Conditioning, Fireworks Music, & Music & Graphics. $5

PD Miscellaneous Disk V18 MSV18C Side 1: Ad Em Squares, Dash Game, Exagon, Hassle Castle, More or Less, One Man Poker, Parrot, Shell Game, Another Dash, Town Watch, Wackey Road Race, Basketball, Doors, Gold Swappers, Key Doozle, Nine Hole Golf, Paratrooper, Sea Battle, Slot Machine, Three Runners, Ugly Dawg Race, & Weather War. Side 2: DiskMate V3.1 great disk and file utility program $5

PD Miscellaneous Disk V20 MSV20C Side 1: Nimble Wit, School of Music, Naughty Blox, Tubular Bells, Math Wars, Typing Speed, Space Launch, Pig Latin, Joystick Test, The Boot It Song, Make A Face, Spirit Advisor, Write Protect, Find Friday 13, Chess, Comet, Bad Song Titles, Day Search, Long Division, Roberts 30 Rules, Don't Touch, Corrected Save, Zounds, Tachistoscope, Basic Dictionary, Write Protect, Adding Machine. Side 2: Droids, Put & Take, Letter Puzzle, Word Scramble, Chess-64, Commodore Downs, Flag, Word Search, Speedboat Race, Math Maze, Ladybug, Knock Em Out, Critical Mass, Age Splitter, Acrobat, Monster, Amazement, Alien City, African Game, Damsels Distress, & Print That Witch. $5

PD Miscellaneous Disk V35 MSV35C Side 1: Tetrix Game, Devils Game, Goony Ball Game, Optical Illusion, EZ Big Alphabet, Humming Bird, Speech Demo, Trains, Jeff's Dungeon, Light Cycle Game, 64/128 Notes, Events Calendar, & Destroyer Grafix. Side 2: 23 Xmas Stereo that plays a great variety of Sid Pic Christmas songs with words. $5

Pedigree U0058C A great series of database and applications programs that allows you to organize & do your genealogy. Charts may be made and sent to your printer. Other utilities will also allow you to store your files in a sequentail form so they may be used in other programs. $5

PrinterUtilties & Graphics U0060C Allows you to make labels with graphics from Printshop with either Epson or Commodore printers. Also contains a variety of converters (Newsroom, Geos, Printshop, Printmaster etc.,). $5

Printshop Utility U0065C Graphic converters: PS/PM(Printshop/Printmaster), PS/PM/Newsroom, PS/Fontmaster, PS Labeler CBM, PS Labeler Epson, Printshop/Geos, PS<>Doodle, PS Conv 3 to 2. Also prints 10 across album for all your Printshop disks for Epson printers ( must have 80 dots per inch printer). $5

Sanxion GM070C Excellent Space game. Disk also includes other games - Krazy-Kar, Iridis Alpha, & Blue Thunder. $5

Super Game Pack 2 GM075C Excellent games disk. Monster Panic, Blue Thunder helicopter game, Squirm, Chip Away, Odin, Pool Game, Qix, Whirlybird. Also an Amiga demo. $5

Super Mario Clone GM080C Excellent game almost like Nintendo Mario Brothers Game with 32 different levels. Other great games on disk are Krakout (like Breakout), & Video Poker. $5

Super Sid Pik Pack MU040C Variety of 153 different songs on a keyboard or noteplay menu. Types of music are: Popular such Back to Future or Classical such as Prelude 2. It also contains a variety of Xmas songs that displays the words also. Ask for detailed list. $25

Tetris Clone GM090C Excellent, joystick control Russian puzzle game. Disk also includes other good games - Warriors, Klingon Attack & Deathscape. $5

Trivia Whiz Construction Set E0025C Good program where you may create & play your own trivia game. The program you make is multiple choice with 5 possible answers. There is a game already on disk you may play. It is joystick controlled using port #2. $5

We the People E0030C Excellent Constitutional party trivia game that plays up to 8 players with over 600 thought provoking, timed, multiple choice questions in four categories - Back to Basics, History, The Documents, & American Values. Other features are optional joystick control, automatic scoring, handicapping & pause control. $5

Wheel of Fortune GM095C Excellent game that can play up to 3 players. You may choose the level of difficulty. Nice sound & graphics complete with Vanna White. Must have right protect off the disk to play. $5

Plus 4 Collection PL4010 Three disk of Games, Educational, and Miscellaneous Utilities, etc.for the Plus 4 computer. Many of these also work on the Commodore 16. $25

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