KSL Television news story about the Computer Bargain Store and OldSoftware.com

October 2008 update: Apparently KSL has finally dropped this article from their online archives after nearly 5 years. Therefore the only way to review this news report about our store is to request a DVD copy of the report from us. A shipping and handling fee may be required.

In December of 2003 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our computer and software business. We believe that our computer and software business may be the longest surviving computer business to be in the same contiguous location and under the same management in the state of Utah. Because of this we invited KSL Television to do a story about our rather unique business. KSL Television graciously accepted our invitation and had Keith McCord-- a veteran news anchor-- come out to do a story about us. The story aired on December 5th 2003 throughout Utah and several surrounding states. To go to KSL Television's website to read the text of this news story about the Computer Bargain Store please click here or click the link below after reading the following clarifications to the story:

The introduction to the KSL story indicated that the Computer Bargain Store (OldSoftware.com on the internet) did not have CD burners, flat screens, gigabytes or Intel based computers at the time. This was actually not correct because we had most of these items in stock at the time the report was done in 2003. In fact, we had sold literally hundreds of such items. Since about 2005, however, we have been focusing almost exclusively on old software and collectible older hardware. The focus of interest during the TV interview was primarily on the unique aspects of our selection of older and collectible software and hardware and apparently we didn't emphasize the fact that we also had newer merchandise as well. We didn't participate in the editing of this news report or get a chance to review it prior to airing so this misconception wasn't corrected prior to the story being aired.

In the report our store is also referred to as a "tiny computer store" which is basically correct with regard to our retail outlet. However, we have substantial off-premises storage for our vast selection of products. Also, for over a decade from 1987 to the year 2000 we were in a substantially larger building (next door) before deciding to reduce our retail overhead in an effort to focus more on our thriving internet and mail order sales. Since the mid 1980's we have had one of the largest and most diverse selections of software in the state of Utah and the mountain west.

Despite these clarifications we believe that Keith McCord and KSL did a masterful job of covering the uniqueness of our business and showing the public an interesting, fun, and important snapshot of a period of time when home computers and software were in their infancy. It amazes us that by interviewing us for less than an hour they were able to decipher and depict so many of the aspects and themes of our business and the early years of home computers and boil it down into a 3 minute news story in such an interesting and prolific fashion. Many thanks to KSL Television and Keith McCord and to our numerous loyal customers for supporting us for so many years!

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