KUTV 2 Television news story about the Computer Bargain Store and OldSoftware.com

In early 2005 Peter Rosen came out to our store to do a segment about our unique selection of older computer hardware and software. Rosen and the KUTV staff did a masterful job of interviewing and filming the owner, Reid Swenson as he described the various old computer products and the important role that they had in the evolution of home computers and reasons why people are interested in them still. Following a superb job of editing and narrating Rosen and his staff aired a fascinating 2 minute collage showing and describing some of the amazing old computer hardware and software which we have as well as its ongoing significance.


Also featured in this KUTV 2 News story was Rich Thomson (an ardent computer collector and friend of Reid Swenson) who was instrumental in encouraging KUTV to do this story. Rich described several of the systems he has been collecting and why people like him are so nostalgic about their old computers.


This story aired on April 19th and 20th of 2005 on KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City, Utah with audiences throughout Utah and neighboring states. KUTV has had this story posted on Peter Rosen's list of FreshLook segments which he has created. The story was viewable on the internet in a streaming video format. If you have an interest in watching this you may want to see if it is still available on the FreshLook list or by searching for it on the KUTV 2 News searchbar on the KUTV News website.

January 2007 Note: It appears that KUTV 2 no longer has this video segment available. I guess they only leave these FreshLook segments online for about a year or so. If you want to have a copy of this sent to you on DVD please contact us.

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