Lahaina Maui Hawaii church congregation wildfire disaster GoFundMe fundraiser

At we normally don't actively promote fundraising causes even though we do encourage our customers to support worthy causes. However, the recent horrible fires in Maui Hawaii (particularly in Lahaina) is an exception. The destruction there and loss of life has devastated nearly the entire city of Lahaina. Additionally, a very close relative of ours (and his wife) have both served as church missionaries in Lahaina for around 6 months each year for about the past ten years. These close relatives of ours happened to be here in the Salt Lake City area when the awful fires hit Maui and were not hurt. Their Lahaina residence (on the outskirts of Lahaina) was also fortunately spared. However, they had both become very good friends with many people in Maui-- both in their Lahaina church congregation as well as in other venues in Maui. This close relative of ours (and his wife) have taken it upon themselves to try to coordinate relief efforts for their church congregation who had 41 families have their homes or apartments destroyed by the horrible fire and also suffered 1 death.

We strongly encourage you to view the recent television link below to become aware of this effort. Then, if possible, consider donating to the GoFundMe account which they have established for the purpose of raising money for those 41 families in their Lahaina congregation who have lost their homes and apartments.

Reid Swenson

KSL Television (Salt Lake City) news story about Lahaina Maui church congregation impact of wildfire

GoFundMe Link

Informational email (PDF) regarding this fundraiser (Please Note: The links in this email PDF are not active links. You will need to come back here and click the above links to view the Television news story and/or donate.)

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